UHRS: What’s It All About?

If you’ve been looking for additional ways to earn money on the Internet, perhaps you’ve come across some mention of UHRS. These small jobs, or “hits,” are, I’m given to understand, available through several platforms, but the only one that I’m familiar with is Clickworker.

UHRS is an abbreviation for “Universal Human Relevance System.” There are a variety of different hits; examples can include content tagging, search engine relevance, and categorization. Clickworker doesn’t actually run UHRS itself; rather, it’s run by a 3rd party company. Said company decides who is eligible to participate based on language and country.

Eligible Clickworkers, after logging into their account, have access to UHRS through their respective “Jobs reserved for me” section, but only after successfully completing two UHRS assessments. To gain access to the assessments, be sure to completely fill out the “payment details” under the Account section – for me, this included filling out and uploading a W-9 MISC tax form.

One thing that I can’t emphasize enough when it comes to taking the two UHRS tests (specifically known as UHRS I, and UHRS II) is the importance of following directions.

  • The first test is straightforward, though can be difficult, in which you’re tested on how well you perform various tasks (similar to what you’d be asked to do while working on UHRS hits). You only get one try, and need to score 85% or better to pass.
  • The second test requires careful attention to detail while setting up a LIVE ID. This process is necessary for logging into the UHRS site, as well as being a connection to your Clickworker account for payment purposes. As with the previous test, you only get one try to set this all up correctly.

You’re going to regularly need that LIVE ID to log into the UHRS site, so make sure you have that, along with your chosen password, written down exactly. Another idea is to have them copy-pasted into a Sticky Notes file of some sort for easy access.

Once you’ve made it through the tests/got everything set up, you’re ready to (finally!) start working on UHRS hits. Here’s the layout of the site, in a nutshell:

MarketPlace: Where all of the available hits are located. Hits that you work on will automatically be placed in the “Favorites” column. Didn’t like a particular hit? You can remove it from this column if you’d like – it’ll be returned to the “All HitApps” column.

  • You’ll have to qualify for most Hits through a qualification test. Guidelines are provided, and you generally get three tries to pass.
  • Quality assurance checks are usually put it place. If it’s determined that you’re consistently answering incorrectly and/or working too quickly, you’ll either be banned from the hit, or temporarily suspended from the hit until the following day.

My Report: Here’s where you can see how much you’ve earned (you can adjust the time frame), as well as how accurate your work has been.

  • You’re only paid for accurate work, so the amounts you see won’t necessarily be what you’ve really earned. Earnings for correct work are transferred periodically over to your Clickworker account for eventual payment.

Settings: I’ve never done anything with this particular area of the site, but this is where Country, State/Province, City, and Region can be adjusted for your profile.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of people on the site, so don’t be surprised if you only get to work on a few hits here and there. None of the hits pay very much, either – the hits I work on are usually anywhere from 2 to 5 cents each. Payment isn’t immediate, usually within a few weeks of approved work. With persistence, however, this site can be a source of decent side income.

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