Review: Does Clickworker Make the Grade?

There are a variety of sites that provide freelancers with the opportunity to earn, through microtasks and surveys, some (albeit small) additional income streams, one of which is Clickworker. The thing with this site is that I very much want to like it, but if you’re not using it as a platform for 3rd party work, the options are either fraught with technical difficulties, or infrequent.

It’s easy enough to sign up. I suggest filling out the Profile and Account sections as thoroughly as possible. Take any assessments that are available to you, so that your job pool might potentially increase. Only a couple of strictly-Clickworker assessments have ever been available for me, but perhaps that’ll change in the future.

I appreciate the straightforwardness of their site layout – it takes no time at all to find their FAQ and Contact pages, for example. Their customer service is excellent. I had a question that was promptly, politely, and thoroughly answered. They’re also good about keeping their worker community updated via a sidebar that links to their news blog, as well as a forum that’s by membership request. PayPal payments have been consistent for me.

As of this writing, many of the tasks that appear (and there aren’t very many) have technical issues to them. A job might require looking up specific information on a site that literally has no content on it. Recently I attempted to take a survey that, halfway through, simply redirected back to my Clickworker member page.

The jobs I’ve seen, whether they’re technically viable or not, pay very little for the time required to complete them. Slightly more or less than a dollar for a survey that was going to take about 30 minutes? Not what I’d want to participate in. However, this does seem to be changing as the site evolves – there have been promising updates in which the tasks are more financially reasonable to complete time-wise, though still, only a few cents, with the most I’ve seen from any one survey being $2.25.

I do have to keep in mind that jobs and assessments are dependent on location. What I see here in the United States might be completely different from what someone sees in Europe. So, to surmise, though this is a site with some flaws, it’s worth joining due to its potential.

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