Review: Should You Give OneSpace a Chance?

When searching for additional sources of freelancing income, you might find OneSpace popping up almost immediately as a contender. Like most things, it has its fans, and it has its detractors. After (trying to) participate on the site for several months, I’m in the latter camp.

The freelancers page (aka where they hook you in) seems, on the surface, to be impressive; it has the requisite modern design. However, it’s the “steady work, flexible lifestyle” promise that has probably gotten many hopeful freelancers (myself included) to join. Writing, editing, moderation, quality assurance, and more? Daily payments for approved work? Yes, please!

Thing is, there pretty much wasn’t any work – at least, not that I could find, even after earning qualifications through some of their assessments. I was only able to get one microtask, which paid $0.50. It took a couple of days to approve, and yes, was paid immediately after that via PayPal.

Signing Up

Let’s rewind a little bit. First, the signup process – the usual level of ease to that, probably made even easier if you decide to go with the option of signing up using your LinkedIn account (I didn’t). Once that’s done (be sure to verify your email address along the way) you’re directed to a profile page.

Filling out Your Profile

Here, you can upload a picture, add a little biography, a link to your website, your work experience, day/time work availability, rates, and project topic/category preferences – sort of like an online resume. Apparently, you’d do well to follow OneSpace’s advice of “saving time and increasing work opportunities by importing your LinkedIn profile” here, too. I filled it out completely, though again, not via LinkedIn.

The thing I did appreciate in this section was that unlike some websites, OneSpace gives you the opportunity to choose from three levels of profile visibility/privacy. “Public” is as its name implies. The “OneSpace” level makes your profile only available to logged in OneSpace users. Choose “Private” if you only want yourself to see your profile information (which would be counter-productive on this platform). Lastly, you’re directed to set up your payment method which, as of this writing, has to be PayPal.


In order to get more work (if there is any!), you have to pass various qualification tests. The first test I managed to pass was the Quality Assurance Specialist one. I was given 30 minutes, and had to score a 90% or better on 20 English comprehension questions. That unlocked the Quality Assurance and Research test, which I passed on my second try.

NOTE: After that first Quality Assurance Specialist test, the three remaining tests have a 40-minute time limit, and you need to score 92% or better within three tries to earn the respective qualifications.

Here’s where things got very annoying for me. The last two unlocked tests were Data Tagging and Categorization, as well as Data Collection. Despite the questions being seemingly straightforward, try as I might, I could not pass either one of them (you have to wait a couple of days in between each failed test before you can try again). So, with my two qualifications, it was time to seek work.

Navigating the Worker Dashboard

The sidebar seemed a little cumbersome at first. I had to remind myself to click on the little suitcase icon in order to actually see what work was available – have I mentioned that there wasn’t any except that one time?! I did like how, if there had been work, I could have clicked on such options as “Saved Searches,” “Favorites,” and “Earnings History.”

No Space for OneSpace

With so little work and no hint of new qualification options coming my way, I decided to cancel my OneSpace account. It only took a few clicks after an “Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider? You will be unable to create a new account using the same email address or payment account associated with this OneSpace account” message.

Perhaps there was a time when the OneSpace platform had many jobs. Now, it seems a lonely platform for people who don’t get practically perfect scores on their qualification tests. Look elsewhere.

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