Review: Is Humanatic Worth a Try?

If you’re looking to make a little extra money doing short tasks, then you’ve probably noticed that there are a decent amount of websites out there for just that purpose. The thing is, though, that the majority of these sites pay next to nothing for work that takes time to complete correctly. Is Humanatic any different? Not really, but at the same time, they’re refreshingly transparent about it.

The Scoop

Humanatic is a call-reviewing site that, at first visit, looks promising. After all, there’s that stylishly modern web design, and the copy is straightforward: “Review calls. Get paid.” There’s also the promise of earning “real money.” There’s a FAQ section, and the company has links to its various social media pages. Those pages aren’t necessarily updated frequently, but there’s enough information for people to really make an informed decision about whether they’d want to join.

It’s clear that they want a legitimate workforce, so there’s no immediate sign up process for spammers to have a field day with. Instead, applicants must have a verified PayPal account, and need to write a paragraph or two about their experience/background. How long it takes to hear back from them probably depends on their need for new hires. I can say, though, that for me it took about 2 days to get that confirmation email.

Work and Pay

After getting the login portion all set (an easy enough process), and passing the tutorial, it was time to check out the worker dashboard. Here’s where all the calls from all the different categories are located. The more accurate your work, the more categories you’ll have access to. When I was using the site, there were two categories initially available to me, one of which that had regular work.

Basically, the job is to determine how quickly a caller connects to either the person they’re looking for, or the person who’s able to answer their question (if they connect at all). This can be tricky, because sometimes a call will consist of a person getting redirected to different people before having their question answered. Each call can be paused, stopped, or played as needed to complete the assessment. There are several time frames to select from (it’s just a fill in the circle sort of thing).

At only a few cents per call (and some calls can go a couple of minutes), I decided it was just really not worth the time. I ended up closing my account before I ever got to the $10 amount needed to cash out. The FAQs do say that “You can make anywhere from $1 to $4.50 an hour depending on your skill and accuracy.”

Although I think their pay is egregiously low and therefore can’t recommend them, I do give Humanatic points for their efficiency in keeping workers updated about site problems and developments, as well as their optimism: “Be patient and consistent, and you can achieve great things!” Such advice can definitely be put to use in other (higher paying) freelance endeavors.

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