Review: Does Slicethepie Deliver?

Opportunities to actually review things are generally restricted to website testing – generally, but not always! Take, for example, Slicethepie, a website that’s been around for years, and one that provides freelancers with fun ways to earn (a little) extra money reviewing a decent variety of things.

The website itself is nicely designed and easy to navigate pre-registration. However, it’s very much a “try it and see” sort of place. For example, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, no mention is made of specific payment amounts (beyond the $10 minimum needed to cash out). However, the writing is humorous enough that it makes up for the vagueness.

Getting Started

Signing up is very straightforward – the main requirement is that you have a valid PayPal address. Once you’ve gotten the perquisite confirmation email and chosen a username/password, you’re ready to begin.

You’re presented with the available categories immediately upon logging in. For example, as of this writing, I can currently review toys, music, logos, and brand imagery. When I first signed up, they asked for music preferences, although I’m not sure that has much of an influence over the music that ends up in the reviewing queue. Another thing: if you need to update your account for any reason, be sure to click on the person icon at the top of the page – this, in my opinion, should be made a little clearer.

How Payment Works

Payment amounts vary in accordance with the quality of your reviews. The more you write with descriptive imagery, the better your star rating will be. The more stars you have, the more you’ll earn. I wish I could be more specific than that, but it really is that changeable. Sometimes, Slicethepie will offer bonuses in certain categories – even then, though, reviews pay very, very little (only a few cents in some cases). Therefore, it can take a long time to cash out. I didn’t have an issue getting my earnings promptly.

Why Join?

Despite the low pay, I do recommend signing up for this site. It’s a good way to build the reviewing skills needed when applying to higher-paying jobs with other sites. Also, in between jobs, Slicethepie is a fun way to pass the time by listening to new music from emerging artists (although they usually remain anonymous), and reviewing new products.

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