Review: Is Textbroker a Good Opportunity for Freelancers?

Something that a lot of would-be freelancers struggle with is finding work when they have little, or no, previous experience in their chosen field. For example, those just starting out in the freelance writing world might meet with some frustration when they find many job postings mentioning something like “must have 2 years of writing experience.” What’s needed for freelancers is a reliable outlet to build the experience needed to confidently apply to more job opportunities; one such resource, which has been around for a number of years, is Textbroker.

NOTE: Textbroker also sometimes offers freelance editing opportunities. However, the test is known to be exceptionally difficult. Those interested can visit their jobs page.

The Rules

It’s no surprise that their author registration page is straightforward, since Textbroker is all about efficiency. There are also direct links to Textbroker’s Terms and Conditions, as well as their Privacy Policy.

Textbroker does have quite a comprehensive section about how everything works, though it isn’t directly linked to it on the registration page. To find that, authors need to navigate to the main homepage , then hover over “I Write Content” and select from the corresponding dropdown menu what they’d like more information about.

NOTE: Although having a PayPal account used to be a requirement, Textbroker is switching to Payoneer.

The Registration

In addition to the usual contact details requirements, there’s a section where authors can select their areas of expertise (which, as far as I know, is really more about the topics they think they’d write the best content about). Just some of these areas include software, history, recipes, movies, and politics.

Once authors have filled out all of that information, they’ll get a confirmation email with a link to their new account – it’s as easy as that, no drawn-out approval process! However, before authors can actually start writing content, they have to submit a writing sample, which will then be reviewed with a star rating assigned to it/a quality level.

Usually, it’s not a good idea to submit an original writing sample as part of any registration or application process. However, in this instance, it’s okay since it’s not a very in-depth sort of thing. I applied several years ago to write for Textbroker, and I remember writing something about things to do in my hometown.

The Platform

As of this writing, there are three different order types that writers can participate in:

  • OpenOrders: when authors log in, they can see orders in accordance with their rating/quality level and choose from what’s available. The higher the rating/the better the quality level, the more job opportunities that are available, and the higher the pay. As of this writing, top-level writers could earn 5 cents per word.
  • DirectOrders: these are, as their name implies, orders intended for specific authors. Authors have profiles on the Textbroker platform, wherein they can set their own rates, and clients can search for them (it’s sort of a marketplace setting) and hire them if they so choose.
  • TeamOrders: available to any author on the platform (first come, first served). Clients set a fixed price for these orders.

In Summary

It’s important to mention that the pay is more a source of supplemental income than anything, and writers with lower star ratings might not have much work to choose from. Textbroker tends to generate polarizing opinions from freelance writers, with some devoted to the platform, and others who found it dissatisfying. Yet, regardless, it’s a legitimate resource, and for writers with limited experience, it’s definitely something to check out.

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