Ideas for Creating the Perfect Freelancing Work Space

If you regularly work from home, have you given serious thought to your freelancing work space? Sure, it should be functional, but it also should be comfortable. The perfect freelancing space can increase your productivity and improve your workday mood!

Desk Duties

A desk is a must for the sake of efficiency, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! There’s the standard sit-down desk that everyone’s used to, which works well if all you need, in addition to your PC/laptop, are some drawers and a place for a printer/scanner. If you’re more of a “modern minimalist,” you might want a standing desk.

I suggest getting an L-shaped desk if possible. The additional space can be particularly convenient if you regularly switch between different tasks. For example, some of the work I do has reference materials that I need to access quickly. So, one part of my desk is devoted to my PC/keyboard, another part to my lamp, printer, and scanner, with the other part set aside for those reference materials as well as additional files.

Chair Comfort

Gone are the days when you’d just have to settle for a standard desk chair (with or without rollers). Long hours spent in those chairs would inevitably lead to tired backs and legs. Now, manufacturers put an emphasis on ergonomics – note, though, that for all their comfort, these chairs can be expensive. For more information on choosing a chair that’s great for your body and your wallet, peruse this guide.

The Importance of Light

Sure, PCs and laptops emit their own luminescence, but your overall workspace should be evenly lit in order to prevent eye fatigue. During the day, consider having some natural light filter in through nearby windows. Desk lamps are convenient in terms of space, but floor lamps really add that extra something to an entire room. I prefer the natural glow of standard light bulbs, but halogen lamps are another option to consider.

Add Greenery

Plants add vibrancy to a work space, as well as other merits. Caring for plants via watering and pruning can be a stress-relieving break during a busy workday. If you’d like a fast-growing houseplant that’s easy to maintain, consider getting a spider plant. Their little offshoots can be rooted in soil to create more plants, which, when placed in decorative pots, make great gifts for loved ones. Yet another idea is to have a philodendron, a lovely green plant that also is a natural air cleaner.

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