Review: Is E-Poll a Survey Site Worth Participating In?

Taking surveys is a fun way to learn about the latest trends in marketing research. You can find out about and/or test products before they’re ever launched, share your opinions about quite a variety of topics, and earn a little money in the process.

I’m a “glass half-full, but could be fuller” sort of person, meaning that I look at something, appreciate it for what it is, but also see how it can be made even better/more comprehensive. So, I’ve been a member of several survey sites over the years.

In order to keep things streamlined, I try not to actively participate in more than 5 survey sites at any given time, and have an email address devoted to that purpose. As I reach a certain earnings threshold where I can cash out for a gift card or something, I evaluate whether or not I want to continue with the site, or delete that account in favor of joining another one. So, enter E-Poll, a site that’s free to join, and has provided a decently regular amount of surveys.

Site and Survey Design

E-Poll has been around since the late ‘90s, and its simple design reflects that. I’m not sure if they’re doing it deliberately to induce some sort of nostalgia, but if they are, it works. Marketing companies are becoming more and more technologically advanced with videos, virtual shopping trips, etc. in their surveys. So, it’s almost ironic that E-Poll’s “fill-in-the-bubble,” “write a sentence or two in a box,” and “do you recognize the person in this picture?” is becoming more and more unique in its simplicity.

Joining and Participating

The day after I joined (the usual filling out contact information and confirming the email address process) I was sent a survey invitation. I thought the next survey would be, as the welcome email stated, the next week. However, I got several more surveys within that same week, which was a nice surprise.

As for compensation, rewards (like most survey sites these days) are in the form of points, which can be saved up and redeemed for gift cards or charitable donations. So far, I’ve found that surveys range from 100-500 points; the longer the survey, the more points earned.

Which brings me to the one caveat I have with E-Poll. It really takes an effort to get through the longer surveys. For example, if you’re presented with the photo of a person and recognize who it is, you then have to go through several questions about that person, then answer the same questions for the next person you recognize – it can get monotonous.

Although you can log into E-Poll to check your points/update your profile, you must click the link in each survey invitation email to take the corresponding survey. If you delete that email, you lose access to the survey.

Bottom line: E-Poll is reputable, and the points add up quickly, so yes, I do recommend it. If you’re particularly plugged into popular culture, and watch a lot of television shows and/or movies, then this might become one of your favorite survey sites!

You can sign up for E-Poll here.

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