How Freelancers Can Make Time for Blogging

That crunch for time…it’s a conundrum that faces many of us freelancers who want to dedicate at least some of their time to blogging. The clock has a crafty way of making us think we’re on schedule, with even some free time to spare, yet, at the end of the day, there’s still that blog to get to, if it’s gotten to at all. Finding things to post about can also drain that blogging time away. Making the time for blogging doesn’t have to be an overwhelming feat – it’s all in perspective.

Discipline and Distractions

The thing about freelancing is that it can be entirely too easy to get distracted, which not only takes time away from blogging, it also takes time away from actually working! Sometimes, writing down a schedule can make all the difference. So, a couple of days before the next work week, write down how you want that work week to go. If that seems a little daunting, just focus on the day/s you know for sure that you’d like to work on your blog.

Tip: if you need some ideas on how to set up a schedule, the Internet’s filled with creative, free templates. I suggest checking out Microsoft’s Planners and Trackers.

In bold letters, promise yourself that you won’t keep checking your phone during that time you’ll be blogging. Sure, if there’s an important call or text, that will take precedence. If you really can’t part from your phone for any reason, then it can serve as a timer – set it for however long you’d like to blog, and when it goes off, that’s that for the time being; the “save draft” option will be even more useful in those instances.

You might want to give yourself a solid few hours during one (or some) of your less-busy days to dedicate to blogging. Or, if you’re more of a free-time weekend writer, just shift those hours to then – that tactic could particularly work best for you all-or-nothing sorts of bloggers out there.

Then, there are the multitasking bloggers (of which I’m a part). If you know how long, in general, any work you’ll be doing will take, build in some breaks, and consider dedicating half of those breaks to any blogging you’d like to do. Another option is to work for something like 2 hours, take a half-hour break, blog for an hour, work for another two, etc.

The Idea of Importance

It’s interesting to note that, somehow, even though time might taunt us, we freelancers still find time to blog. It might not be as often as we’d like, yet we do. Why? Because we recognize that our blogs have importance, be it to ourselves as personal outlets for creativity, or to our readers as professional sources of information. It’s that versatility which makes blogs an integral part of the Internet landscape.

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