Home and Beyond: Finding the Best Freelancing Location

Freelancers approach their work in lots of different ways. Some actually find it easier to focus in noisier environments, while others need complete silence. Then, there are those who can work wherever there’s space; they might require music, podcasts, or even movies/television shows at the same time, though. Location definitely plays a considerable role in how productive freelancers are.


Many freelancers prefer to work from the comfort of their own homes. There are a lot of benefits to this – comfy clothes, no commute, etc. Certain freelancing jobs require frequent phone use, making a home office necessary anyway. As with all aspects of life, balance is very important. One idea would be to have set working hours in a home office, then spend the rest of the time getting out and about (weather permitting, of course).


Happily clicking away in a café (rhyme intentional) seems like a very chic option. After all, there’s sustenance, background music, and an overall nice environment. Some cafés are busier than others, and might not want a freelancer taking up a table for the entire day. Would-be café freelancers need to plan accordingly – sometimes, an hour or two might be all they get.


When the weather’s nice, freelancers might flock to parks for fresh air and ambience while working. However, nature, for all its beauty, can be a distraction, and so can the glare of the sun bouncing off of a laptop screen.


This is probably the best choice for freelancers who want to get out of the house, yet still want a quiet environment. Single desks afford privacy and space for the usual freelancing gear, there’s free wireless Internet access, and even research materials for writers who want to be “old school” while working on articles! It’s important to mention that in addition to the possibility of seasonally limited hours, some libraries have food/drink restrictions, making all-day excursions inconvenient.

All of the Above?

More intrepid freelancers might consider alternating their choice of venue. This could work particularly well for freelance writers and editors who have mastered the art of focusing. A caveat: some clients (for example, those in the transcription world) have secure Internet access requirements, which is generally not provided in public places.

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