Review: Is Tailwind a Must-Have Marketing Tool?

Those who hope to make a profit from their websites generally follow the same blueprint: build it, optimize it, gain traffic/followers, and then monetize it. The Internet provides more than enough ways for bloggers to gain a bit of a competitive edge through acquiring more traffic. Some of these ways are reputable, others aren’t. Some ways are free, others require either a one-time fee or various levels of membership. Tailwind is an application that starts out free, segues into a paid account, and provides many useful features along the way.

Defining Tailwind

Pinterest is widely accepted as being one of the best, if not the best, ways to market websites. However, it can seem a little daunting when you first sign up for it – there are pins, boards, and descriptions to create, post times to figure out, etc. Tailwind is an application that, once you give it permission to access your Pinterest (or, now, Instagram) account, allows you to not only schedule pins (or photos) as you see fit, but also suggests customized optimal times to do so.

Using Tailwind

Tailwind is sort of like a “choose your own marketing adventure.” You can:

  • Use their browser extension to capture pins/photos and schedule them (much like the Pinterest browser extension).
  • Upload your own pins and schedule them.
  • Use their browser extension or upload your own pins/photos and submit them to tribes.

What are tribes, you ask? They’re marketing groups that you can submit pins/photos to for increased traffic. Some tribes you can join immediately, while other tribes require you to request an invitation. You also have the option of starting your own tribe.


  1. Be sure to follow the rules of whatever tribes you join. A good general rule is to share more pins/photos than you submit to a tribe, and to create vertically rectangular pins.
  2. In your Publisher section of Tailwind, make sure you regularly check the filters to see what you’ve pinned on which board – it’s an incredibly helpful way to avoid double-pinning! However, as of this writing, it seems as though this only works if you’ve exclusively been uploading pins through Tailwind. If you upload pins directly through Pinterest, those won’t be included.

Tailwind Plans

It’s important to note that there are several payment plans, each with their own set of limits. If you decide to continue on after your free trial, you have several payment plans to choose from. Here’s a screenshot from my Tailwind account to give you an idea of the costs as of this writing:

Tailwind Plans

You might want to stop there if you don’t plan on submitting a lot of pins to tribes, and want to focus more on just scheduling regular content for your Pinterest or Instagram feeds. However, if you want to really harness the marketing potential of tribes, then you might want to take an additional step and select a PowerUp. Again, as of this writing, here’s another screenshot from my Tailwind account to give you examples:

Tailwind PowerUpWhat Could Be Better…

There’s a learning curve to using this tool; when you sign up, you’ll get periodic tutorial emails that can be helpful, though. That being said, I thought I could sign up for a PowerUp and not a plan, when in fact you need a plan to qualify for a PowerUp, which is, as my screenshots show, an additional expense. They need to be clearer about this aspect, because, as of this writing, it wasn’t immediately clear on the user dashboard – it seemed as if you could sign up for one and not necessarily the other.

I had clicked on a PowerUp button thinking I had purchased a PowerUp, when it had been redirected to purchasing a plan. This all only became apparent after I contacted the Tailwind support people and they explained it to me. I found it more expedient to contact them via their support email, instead of their in-system messaging option. I sent the message on a Sunday night, and received a response on a Tuesday morning.

If you participate in particularly active tribes, you might experience some freezing while trying to submit pins/photos to those tribes. Additionally, at the time of this writing, there was no direct mention either on the landing page, or within the dashboard, as to how long the free trial lasts. Perhaps it makes itself more evident as the expiration time approaches – I’m not sure, since I decided to purchase my plan and PowerUp within a week of joining.

Summing It All Up

Tailwind is incredibly customizable; you can add or subtract time slots as you see fit, submit a pin/photo to all, some, or none of your tribes…you get the idea. And, if you put the effort in (good pins/photos in optimal time slots and submitting to relevant, engaged tribes), you should see an increase in traffic in a relatively short amount of time.

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