Where to Find Freelancing Jobs Online

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about freelancing, it’s that, unlike in “traditional” jobs, there’s never any shortage of work opportunities. In fact, it’s easy to get bombarded with websites that go above and beyond to assure their visitors that they only advertise trustworthy jobs.

Over the years, I’ve developed a system of regularly checking several specific freelance job-related websites, and they’ve (mostly) lived up to their promise. Why the “mostly?” because although I’ve found great leads from each of the websites I’m listing here, some of them do accept paid or unpaid job postings from subpar companies.

So, without further ado, here are the websites I prefer to search for jobs on:

Real Ways to Earn Money Online: I’ve found several long-term freelancing gigs through Anna Thurman’s blog. She’s put together a literal treasure trove of work-at-home-opportunities, and I really appreciate how honest she and her guest bloggers are about the information they present.

Jobspresso: This site might be particularly beneficial to people who freelance in the tech industry. Many of the jobs are full-time and remote. I really like how each job posting gives a thorough background of the hiring company in addition to detailed descriptions of the jobs themselves – everything, that is, except salaries.

Indeed: This is one of those sites I mentioned earlier where subpar companies often advertise. That being said, if you use location search terms such as “remote,” and “work at home,” in addition to the usual “freelance writer,” “freelance videographer,” etc., you can get some good leads. After clicking that “Find Jobs” button, be sure to sort the search results by date, not relevance, since some jobs remain posted on the site for many months at a time and, therefore, are probably not the best ones to be applying for.

Rat Race Rebellion: This site is good for people looking to work from home doing a variety of things from taking surveys, to customer service for well-known companies. I’ve gotten several freelancing gigs through their job postings.

Mediabistro: This one is probably well-known to you freelance writers and editors out there. However, there are sometimes other opportunities for media freelancers. This resource might not be as helpful if you’re a freelancer looking to work from home, since many of the jobs are on-site/temporary.

I caution you to always do your research before actually applying for any job opportunity, freelance or not.

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