Review: Earn a Little Extra by Completing Search Tasks for PartTimeClicks!

Searching the Internet is something we do regularly, so it only makes sense that there should be a freelancing opportunity of some sort for it! Enter PartTimeClicks, which allows participants to complete microtasks on a daily basis.

How It Was

PartTimeClicks is actually a newer version of the freelance paid search and review options originally offered via Mike Munter LLC, an Internet marketing firm based in Portland, Oregon. Signing up only requires your name, contact email address, and PayPal email address.

When I first decided to sign up for the opportunity, the way it worked was that once a month, selected participants would be emailed a Microsoft Excel sheet with a list of search terms and guidelines. It was always important to confirm acceptance of the list with the project manager; otherwise, the list would be passed on to someone else.

There would be 100 search terms in all, and only up to 10 could be completed per day, with the completed list having to be emailed back by the end of the month. In the beginning, it was about searching on Google for a selected term, finding a good website match, clicking on that website match and copy/pasting the address in one cell, then clicking on another link within that website and pasting this second address into the second cell. As time went on, though, it became a mix of that, and also writing a one-sentence description of selected websites, which is how it remains.

I only expected to receive a list once every couple of months, since that was what had been indicated upon first signing up. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I received lists once a month, and just before the switch over to PartTimeClicks, I got two lists in a month (one was shorter)! In addition to the Internet searches, there was (and is) an opportunity to do short paid reviews, but I’m sticking with the former for the time being.

How It Is

Instead of going through email to send and receive lists, the Mike Munter team has created the PartTimeClicks platform. Now, instead of receiving one giant list per month, participants can log in each day to get a microtask, complete it within 24 hours, and get another task some hours later. Each one, as of this writing, is $0.25. There’s a payment delay of 5-days, which means payment on Friday is for tasks that were completed before that same week’s Monday. So, in the interest of always having a little something coming in, it’s best to keep up with regular task submissions.

So, back in the old days, a completed list of 100 would earn you $20.00. Now, there’s been at least one search term task (via email or text, you choose) available per day, so obviously, both in the past and present, this can only be considered very supplementary income. Also, tasks do tend to run out at the end of each month. Think of it this way, though: the tasks are generally easy and fast to complete, and every cent counts!

In a Nutshell

All the rules are clearly stated, it’s easy to contact the project manager (and get a prompt response), payment is reliable…there’s nothing not to like about this little gem of an opportunity!

Update as of February, 2021: PartTimeClicks has become 25Clicks.

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