What Are the Best Types of Pets for Freelancers?

There’s no doubt that many people treasure the companionship that pets provide. However, with companionship comes responsibility and a commitment to making sure that pets are not only kept well-fed and clean, but also emotionally healthy. Freelancers who are looking to purchase a pet might either be at an advantage or a disadvantage time-wise, so here are a few pet ideas for every schedule.

1. A Dog


Not only are dogs excellent companions, they can also be incredibly therapeutic stress-relievers for frazzled freelancers. However, dogs (particularly the smaller breeds) require, perhaps, the most attention out of all the pets a freelancer could possibly have.

If walks/bathroom breaks can be seamlessly incorporated into a freelancer’s own schedule, then a dog could be a feasible choice. Some breeds require additional grooming attention, other breeds require more exercise, but all breeds require lots of love. Freelancers who have particularly erratic schedules should look for more self-sufficient pets, such as…

2. A Cat


Sure, cats are known for being aloof and intelligent, but if raised with patience and affection, they can be just as wonderful as dogs for companionship. Better yet, cats know to go to their litter boxes, so there’s no need to be out in all kinds of weather for bathroom breaks! Since most cats like to “do their own thing,” seeking out attention on their own terms, freelancers who only have small amounts of free time will find that cats are a great option.

3. A Reptile


There are a variety of reptiles freelancers can choose from – snakes, geckos, turtles, iguanas – the list goes on, depending upon location, etc. It’s important to note that some of these reptiles require specific heated tanks, others certain diets. It’s known that turtles, for all their adorableness, can also carry salmonella, so it’s important to wash hands thoroughly after handling them.

Some reptiles are more social than others (Bearded Dragons come to mind), and some reptiles start out very small, and can grow to be more than 2 feet long, so it’s important for freelancers to do their research accordingly. Overall, reptiles pretty much do their own thing most of the time, making them a great option for any category of freelancer (provided their specific care needs are met, of course).

4. A Fish


Like dogs, fish can be great stress-relievers, watching them glide around their bowls or tanks. Beta fish are particularly fun to have because they come in a variety of stunning colors, and are easy to care for. They like to be spoken to; they also do well in basic bowls with conditioned water, and bloodworms for their diet. As for other fish, most of which require aquariums at certain water temperatures and filtration levels, they’re probably ideal for freelancers who, perhaps, have the least amount of time to devote to a pet, yet at the same time still want something to care for.

5. Rodents


This category includes hamsters (my favorites!), guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, rats, ferrets, etc. With the exception of ferrets, who require a lot of attention, most other rodents need only a moderate amount – they spend a lot of their time either eating or sleeping. At the same time, though, they can be incredibly fun to interact with, thanks to the myriad of accessories/toys that pet supply stores offer. Freelancers who have small living spaces and unpredictable schedules might want to consider these sorts of pets.

Optimal Care

No matter the pet choice, there’s a level of responsibility that must always be honored. Cages, bowls, aquariums, litter boxes – they all have to be regularly cleaned. Veterinarians need to be visited, and food has to be bought. So, freelancers must choose their pets with an open heart, a manageable schedule, and a (at least somewhat) full wallet!

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