Review: Jonathan Gorham’s Engine Scout Is a Marketing Must for Business-Minded Freelancers

Freelancing success is found in equal parts of talent, and marketing. After all, you can have a great amount of education/training in your chosen niche, but if you don’t know how to market that properly in the form of an effective website, you might find your career stalling. Jonathan Gorham’s digital marketing agency, Engine Scout, provides a refreshingly comprehensive approach to website optimization.

PLEASE NOTE: as of this writing, Engine Scout is primarily for those living in Australia, with future plans to grow internationally.

Coming from Experience

Something that there needs to be a whole lot more of throughout the Internet landscape is authenticity. Of course, it’s always preferable to find resources that are created by people who have actually experienced the same struggles that their customers now seek solutions for.

Enter Jonathan Gorham, who’s very upfront about how, a couple of years ago, he was finding it difficult to gain traction for a small business he had started. With a little time and a lot of perseverance, he found the solutions he needed to make that business prosper.

Giving Back

It would be understandable if Jonathan decided to jealously guard the information that brought about his success. However, he took the higher path by deciding to sell that small business and create Engine Scout, providing SEO, web design, and PPC services.

A standout aspect of Engine Scout is the free, no-obligation, in-depth video report that Jonathan offers to prospective customers who meet three very reasonable (and laudable!) eligibility requirements:

  • Short-term ventures need not apply – this is for those who show real potential of making their website businesses last.
  • If the website has incurred any previous Google penalties, then that would be a no-go.
  • Businesses in the pharmaceuticals, gambling, or adult industries will have to look elsewhere.

Awesomely Actionable Advice

Oftentimes, digital marketing companies place so much effort on promoting how great their services are that they don’t actually provide any meaningfully informative content – just “promises of” generalities. Not so with Engine Scout! In just its first blog post, “15 Actionable Steps for Writing an Amazing About Me Page,” Jonathan’s already gone above and beyond with an impressive amount of detail.

It can be a tricky thing to present lots of content in just one post without readers becoming overwhelmed/confused, but Jonathan’s advice is presented wonderfully. Writing an “About Me” page is certainly one of those conundrums that a lot of website owners face with the utmost trepidation, especially if they’re looking to generate subscribers. Jonathan guides the reader through a step-by-step process with an excellent balance of text and images that takes the stress out of it all; the About Me Page Template infographic in the second step is genius!

We can all agree that the Internet landscape is forever changing. Even just the slightest adjustment in a search engine’s algorithm can significantly impact a website for the better, or for the worst. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to seek out professionals who know how to stay one step ahead of the game by keeping things simple-yet-engaging and, most importantly, honest. That’s why Jonathan Gorham’s Engine Scout is recommended with the highest level of confidence.

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