5 of the Best Freelancing Side Gigs

Maybe you’re in between projects, and are looking for sources of side income in the meantime. Perhaps you’re looking for some side earners in addition to the freelancing work you’re already doing. Or, it could be that you’re just getting started as a freelancer, and need some experience before you apply for more lucrative jobs. Whatever your situation happens to be, from transcription, to writing, to microtasks, here are 5 freelancing side gigs that I highly recommend. In fact, if you’re particularly industrious, a couple of these can even become main sources of income at times!

1. Rev

If you’re looking for transcription, captioning, or even (in some locations) translation, Rev is a great choice. In my freelancing journey, I’ve done transcription work for several different companies, and Rev has the best interface. It’s incredibly easy to preview both audio and video files in the jobs list – you just have to get used to the list getting updated in real time with jobs being claimed and uploaded into the system. The same goes for captioning (I’m not familiar with their translation process).

The pay starts off low, then increases as you gain competency levels. You usually have to complete so many minutes of work to move from Rookie to Revver, but if your quality ratings are high, you might be promoted a level earlier than that. There’s always work (more so for transcription than captioning), it’s just a matter of how difficult the audio is. If you’re a fast typist and skilled at transcribing or captioning files that include lots of crosstalk, background noise, etc., then there’s potential for Rev to be even more than a side gig!

Check out my full review of Rev HERE.


Properly known as Universal Human Relevance System, this is a 3rd party platform hosted on microtask sites such as Clickworker. It can involve rating and classifying search engine results, evaluating the quality of voice data, etc., with each task paying anywhere from one cent to several cents. These task (also referred to as hits) are generally quick to complete, and if there’s enough of them available on the dashboard, it can add up to a nice (albeit small) side gig earner.

For more information on UHRS, check out my review HERE.

3. MTurk (Amazon Mechanical Turk)

At any given time, there are thousands of microtasks ( they’re referred to as HITs – yes, there’s a specific capitalization for them!) available on MTurk. Tasks can include transcription, data entry, data validation, surveys, etc. Since there’s always something to do, it’s more a question of how quickly and accurately you work – the better your statistics, the more HITs are available to you, and the more money you could potentially earn.

Find out more about MTurk via my review HERE. https://thefabulousfreelancer.com/2018/05/21/review-is-mturk-worth-your-time

4. Slicethepie

If you’re looking for a way to really hone your creative writing skills by reviewing things like music, commercials, and fashion items, Slicethepie might be a fun side gig for you. It seems like the music queue almost always has something available to review; the other categories seem to be more of an occasional option.

The more descriptive your reviews over time, the higher your star rating, and the more money you could make. For example, on days when they’re bonus money to be earned, it tends to hover around 25 to 30 cents per review if you’re at a 3-star level, as opposed to something like 6 to 8 cents during the standard money phases. Sometimes, however, there are opportunities to complete surveys that are around 75 cents (no matter your star rating). You’ll need to earn at least $10 before you can request a withdrawal to your PayPal account.

Find my complete review of Slicethepie HERE.

5. Parttimeclicks

This is a little gem of a side gig that has evolved from Mike Munter LLC’s Internet marketing firm. It’ll only earn you a couple of dollars per week at the most, but it’s mostly regular, short search tasks that consist of either writing one-sentence descriptions of various result pages, or inputting their website addresses (two per task, each completed overall task will earn you, as of this writing, 20 cents). You can sign up for text notification each time there’s a new task to complete so that you’re not missing out!

Additional information about how Parttimeclicks works is discussed in my review of it HERE.

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