Awesome About Me Page Approaches for Freelance Websites

No matter your freelancing niche, you’d probably agree that an important part of any freelancing website is the About Me page. After all, that’s where you really get the chance to highlight those accolades and accomplishments you’ve accumulated along the way. You can even think of it as a window of sorts into who you are professionally. It can be a little daunting to figure out what to include, and what to omit on an About Me page, so here are some approaches that might serve as inspiration.

Embrace the idea of evolution.

Some people think that their About Me page is something that stays mostly the same throughout the life of their website. They figure that if they put the basics on there, such as education, career highlights, etc., that’s enough. There are no set rules to creating an About Me page, so if that’s the approach you feel most comfortable with, then the matter is settled. However, it’s more engaging for an audience, and even a point of self-discovery, if you reevaluate your About Me every few months, updating it as you evolve within your freelancing niche.

Be aware of attention spans.

You, of course, have every right to make your About Me page as long and detailed as you’d like. It’s an unfortunate fact, though, that many people have short attention spans, and will only scan website copy at best. So, another About Me page approach is to think about a couple of key biographical facts you’d like readers to know, and keep everything short and to the point. Due to this brevity, you might want to also include a contact form just below the main copy.

Paragraphs, or points?

It would be a natural inclination to structure the copy for your About Me page as paragraphs. However, you might want to break the information up so that it’s bulleted. This way, the readability factor increases, and it lends itself well to including copy that goes beyond just the traditional biography. For example, if you’re a travel journalist and your freelancing website is more of a blog, you could include a list of your top 5 favorite destinations and even link to any corresponding posts.

Experiment with tone.

Sure, you could write your About Me copy in a very matter-of-fact sort of way, but why not put a unique twist on things by presenting the copy in more of a narrative tone? Not only is this a great way to engage readers (regardless of how long or short their attention spans happen to be), it also showcases how wonderfully creative you can be!

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