Review: Should You Give MyPoints a Try?

As many of my readers know, I’m regularly on the lookout for small income opportunities by taking surveys, doing microtasks, that sort of thing. After all, a little bit of change here and there can, if allowed to accumulate over a period of time, add up quite nicely. To that end, a usual strategy of mine is to be a member of no more than, say, 10 survey/microtask websites at a time, participate as my schedule permits, and then cash in a couple of time per year, or even just once at the end of the year. So, noticing that my roster was only at 5 or so, I decided to add to the list by joining some additional sites, one of which was MyPoints.

Initial Impressions

There was, admittedly, some hesitation on my part regarding joining in the first place. It seemed very much like InboxDollars (you can read my review about that HERE). However, unlike InboxDollars, which just has a signup form on its homepage for those not logged in, I did appreciate how examples of current point-earning opportunities were available to see, regardless, on the MyPoints homepage.

The Process

Signing up takes less than a minute – all you really have to do initially is provide your email address and select a password (you can fill in your profile details afterwards). Then, it’s off to the myriad of point-earning opportunities. The points are converted to corresponding cents/dollar amounts, which, upon reaching specific earning thresholds, can be redeemed for gift cards.

It’s all very straightforward, particularly if you’re the sort of person who’s an avid online shopper and seeks out the latest deals. Should you wish to partake in said deals, you generally have to either purchase certain memberships or items. If you’re like me, and only a moderate online shopper, then perhaps you’d be more interested in taking surveys, watching videos, and/or playing games.

I was most interested in watching videos to earn points. In the beginning, it seemed like a lot of fun, and I actually learned things via the latest entertainment news playlists that I chose to watch. Most of the time, these sorts of websites do have earn-to-watch-videos opportunities, and the content isn’t all that interesting.

The Final Verdict

I went along for a while, watching these videos here and there when I had the time. I thought that I was accumulating points at a decent rate – that is, until I decided to visit the rewards redemption page. Turns out, I had a few dozen points, and it would take a few hundred points at the very least to earn a gift card at even a minimum amount. Since it was all too clear that it would take way more time than really was reasonable, I decided to forfeit my points and close my account, which only takes the click of a button.

So, no, I wouldn’t recommend MyPoints – too much time and effort for what equates to cents per hour just isn’t fair, in my opinion. That being said, what didn’t work for me, might very well work for you, especially if you’re exceptionally patient and don’t care about the slow rate of pay. You can sign up for MyPoints HERE.

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