How to Maintain a Romantic Relationship as a Freelancer

There are times when work becomes so all-encompassing that a relationship can suffer for lack of attention. Several factors will, of course, come into play regarding all of this, including the personalities and expectations of both sides. Regardless of whether you’re exclusively dating someone, or in a longer-term committed relationship such as marriage, there are several ways that you, as a freelancer, can keep that romantic relationship going.

Be an agenda-free admirer.

A lot of people, freelancers or not, enter into romantic relationships “just because.” The idea of being alone is unthinkable, and partnerships can mean physical and financial gratification. If you want your romantic relationship to last, you really have to consider how you entered into it in the first place – was it because you truly fell in love with this person, or were you, consciously or unconsciously, looking to get something out of it?

If it’s the former, then, no matter how hectic your schedule becomes, you will, somehow, honestly find a way to put the time and effort into keeping this treasured person in your life. If it’s the latter, you’re not being fair to the other person, and not even to yourself, because in relationships based on agendas no one wins – you’ll drift further and further from each other and experience only emptiness. So, doesn’t it make the most sense to skip any notion of agendas and just love honestly? Yes!

Seek out the spontaneity.

The thing most people notice about romantic relationships is that the beginning is fun and even adventurous. Then, as the two people get to know each other, a familiarity sinks in, and things can start to become boring. Perhaps you can relate to this in some way – you might even seek out extra work not just for financial reasons, but to try and ignore the fact that things in your romantic relationship are becoming a little stale.

So, what to do? Get spontaneous! Whenever it feels like there’s a distance growing between you and your partner, put down your laptop, pick up your phone, and call/Facetime them! Or, if they’re already physically around, take their hand and go out for an impromptu walk, movie, meal…you get the idea! Don’t keep things the same for too long – seek out new, fun experiences so your relationship can keep evolving in the best possible ways.

Embrace the team aspect.

As is well-known, freelancing can be an erratic sort of career, in that you can have stretches of time where you’re free to do whatever you’d like, and then other times when it has to be all about work, work, work. So, many freelancers would agree that it’s a career choice that necessitates having quite an understanding partner – one who can get past all of the work/financial “noise” and just love their (fabulous!) freelancer for who they are and need to be. Remember, though, true partnerships are threefold: you need to be there for each other emotionally, physically, and spiritually to maintain the romance. Think of it this way: less worrying, more living and loving!

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