Money-Making Website Tips for Freelancers

There are a lot of reasons why you, as a freelancer, might want to have your own website. Perhaps it’s representative of a hobby that you’re particularly knowledgeable or passionate about. Maybe it’s strictly for work-related purposes, to serve as an online resumé or portfolio of sorts. Whatever your reasons, chances are that the thought of earning at least a little bit of money from said website has crossed your mind before. So, now that you’re going to proceed, here are some things to put into perspective as you formulate your money-making website plan…

Be an affable affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is, perhaps, the first thing that many people think of when it comes to website monetization – it seems easy enough, right? You simply promote things that you (ideally) like and trust to your network, and the manufacturer pays you a commission for each sale earned through the corresponding banner or link on your website.

Well, there’s a hitch – you’ve got to have a significant amount of traffic before you can even consider making it as an affiliate marketer. “Significant” is indeed an arbitrary sort of term, though it can safely be assumed that thousands, to hundreds of thousands of monthly pageviews is preferable.

How do you get to that point? There’s no one answer to this question, yet most of it, these days, has to do with social media. If you want to achieve affiliate marketing glory, you’ve got to tweet/post/etc. at the very least once a day and no more than, say, three to five times a day depending on the platform – you don’t want to inundate your followers with information. The content shouldn’t just be anything and everything – it should be meaningful, thereby shareworthy, and tailored to your website’s optimal audience.

Your knowledge can be valuable.

Whether your freelancing is full-time, or as a supplement to another career, what you’ve learned along the way can help you monetize your website. Teachers, consider developing courses to sell on your website – make them more than just narrated slides, include videos and interactive options like message boards to keep audiences immersed in the content.

Artists, definitely sell your art, but present it in more than just static photographs. Create video series with tutorials on your medium or “behind the scenes” for different pieces you’ve been working on. After all, the more relatable you are to your audience, the more interest you’ll generate.

Be a product purveyor.

Digital products might be dominating many money-making websites, but as we do still live in a physical world, actual products do still net people some income! This one is going to take more than a little research, since this market tends to become over-saturated. It’s all about products that solve problems, be they home and garden sorts of dilemmas, or lifestyle and beauty. If this is the moneymaking avenue you want to take, be sure it doesn’t stray too far from your website’s original niche.

Monetizing a website takes time, strategy, and innovation, but the rewards can be great!

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