How Vision Boards Can Help Freelancers

If you’re a freelancer who’s been searching for goal-setting techniques, chances are that you’ve come across the idea of vision boards. In fact, you’ve probably already implemented elements of vision boards into your daily life in some way or another. Any inspirational images that you’ve decorated your home with, any brands you love to wear or use – positive, aspirational associations tied to images – yes, those are the building blocks of how vision boards work!

Step 1: think of a theme.

Vision boards are meant to be a motivational focus for our goals and dreams. Begin by thinking about your freelancing life – what you love about it already, and what you hope to achieve from it. Omit any and all negative thoughts from the equation, because negativity leads to lack. The more positive you are, the better your results can be.

Step 2: find features.

Liken the search for items to place on your vision board to sifting through a treasure box – in this case, the treasure box can be a cornucopia of magazines, newspapers, and websites. Get out of your head and into your heart for this process. If you see a word, phrase, or image that really encompasses what you want your vision board to be about, then don’t get all analytical about it! Just cut it out (both literally and figuratively) and place it in a plastic Ziploc bag for safekeeping.

Here are some word and image options to consider:

Also, consider typing some favorite words and phrases into a Microsoft Word document, using a favorite font. You can also copy/paste images into that same document as you find them – it’s a great way to conserve space for printing purposes, and save your progress if you need to return to it later.

Remember that this is supposed to be a fun, uplifting, gradual process. Don’t approach this with a “I-really-need-this-vision-board-to-work-I’ve-got-to-get-this-done-as-quickly-as-possible-and-make-it-look-perfect” outlook. If you put that stressful, harried energy into your vision board, that completely defeats the purpose of creating a vision board in the first place; the results will be minimal at best.

Step 3: assemble your art supplies.

This step can actually take place in tandem with the previous one, if you so choose. Your vision board can be more than just a representation of your wishes – you might want to even make it an evergreen piece of art! Be sure, though, that any embellishments you choose don’t overcrowd your vision board, thereby potentially obscuring its message.

The board itself can be anything from a piece of poster board or card board, to a canvas. As for the adhering material, a glue stick is the least-messy choice, though it might lead to items falling off the board with temperature changes. There’s also a decoupage element like Mod Podge, or Elmer’s Glue, both of which are long-lasting, though messier, can smudge ink-based items, and ripple paper if it’s applied unevenly – applying them with a thin paintbrush can help.

Step 4: place those pieces.

You’ve searched, you’ve prepared, now it’s time to put everything together! Don’t overwhelm yourself by looking at your items and worrying about how and where they’re going to all fit. Instead, just spread everything out and place things on the board until you feel they’re where they should be. Then, piece by piece, adhere them to the board, all the while being in a hopeful, creative, happy frame of mind!

Step 5: location and meditation.

Completing your vision board is just the beginning – now, you’ve got to let it work its ways. Place your vision board where you can see it often, such as directly above your computer or work desk. Take a little time each day to meditate on those words and images and what they mean to you – let those positive associations really sink into your psyche. Then, continue about your routine, and, with this open frame of mind, take note of little signs that can serve as inspiration to take positive actions towards your goals. Be confident, and believe!

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