Fabulous Freelancer Friday: Musings and Job Postings for the Week of 3/25/19-3/29/19

Happy Friday, freelancers! It’s time for another post of thoughts and job opportunities!

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  • In this world, the importance of cultivating an authentic, positive, meaningful outlook can never be underestimated.
    • Sarah Prout is an author and motivational speaker who lives this truth, and humbly teaches how people can set clear life goals. She regularly runs free workshops via her Facebook page, too.
      • When freelancing gets especially stressful, it’s great to reset and re-frame what could become an increasingly negative outlook – which, of course, does absolutely nothing for productivity!
        • Sarah’s insight is great for both professional life and personal life situations. Something she’s said about roadblocks on the way to achievement is to look at it as a “delay, not a denial,” and that what we want could be “this, or something better.”
  • HBO announced that the week after the the last-ever Game of Thrones episode, Game of Thrones: The Last Watch will air. clocking in at two hours, this documentary promises to be all kinds of detailed and nostalgic!
  • And lastly, a word or two about Ned Stark. No character has been referenced within the show more since their demise as he. It’s almost as if he never died at all. Which, of course, has been the subject of various fan theories, none of which I buy into.
    • I do, however, think that many of those who’ve died and not been burned/otherwise obliterated will return for the epic battle. Hodor’s a given. Will all the Starks rise from their crypts? It’s an interesting thought, considering that one of the teaser trailers had Jon, Sansa, and Arya walking through there anyway and confronting their mortality.
    • Lately, I’ve been reading more about Ned Stark returning than any other. Could he (his headless bones, more like – if we’re to believe those were his remains Littlefinger brought to Catelyn) return? This video ponders the question:


Please do your own due diligence before officially applying to any and all job postings!

Here are some opportunities that, at the very least, look interesting in some capacity:

Until next time!

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