Fabulous Freelancer Friday: Musings and Job Postings for the Week of 4/15/19-4/19/19

Welcome to another Fabulous Freelancer Friday, everyone! Let’s get started with my latest thoughts on news items, as well as what I’ve found for job opportunities.


  • With equal appreciations for history and art, the news of Notre-Dame Cathedral (more properly known as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris) burning was indeed a heartbreak. Yet, it’s also had a unifying effect, and hopefully that sort of positive, productive energy can continue to heal deep divisions.
    • I’ve yet to visit France, so was curious to find a documentary about Notre-Dame to see more of how it looked. I was thankful to have found it in the form of actual, explorable Virtual Reality (VR) technology!
  • Beware of the JetBlue Facebook scam, which looks startling real. I saw it for myself the first time this week on a friend’s page who’s normally not one to share that sort of thing. I was surprised to learn that said scam has actually been around for years now. As excellent as it would be to receive two free airline tickets in honor of their anniversary, it just isn’t so.
  • And finally, what a way for Game of Thrones to start its last season!
    • So many parallels to the first season, so many meetings, and that wow moment, too – I didn’t think of Cersei hiring Bronn to do THAT with THAT weapon!
    • The last couple of scenes truly gave me chills – such great acting, plus even a little humor: “I’ve always had blue eyes!”
    • I’m writing evasively because I’m not one to give away spoilers until each respective episode has (probably) been well and truly watched…


Please do your own due diligence before officially applying to any and all job postings!

Here are some opportunities that, at the very least, look interesting in some capacity:

Until next time!

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