How to Create a Fantastic FAQ Page for Your Freelancing Website

Whether your freelancing website is strictly a business, or more of a personal portfolio, clarity is key. Sure, you could take the minimalist approach, and perhaps that’d even generate an audience on its own, if done particularly creatively.

However, if your website is still relatively new, it’s best to err on the side of caution – audiences who meet with content confusion aren’t likely to return. You want visitors to understand where you’re coming from, and address any recurring issues upfront, hence the necessity of a FAQ page!

Tune in to the tone.

A FAQ page, on its own, has the potential to be incredibly boring. So, as with all written content, it’s about presenting information in a thorough-yet-engaging-and-not-condescending tone. I’ve read a lot of FAQ pages in my time, and I don’t usually remember them – heck, I don’t even have one, because this blog is, in itself, a giant FAQ for freelancers.


Implement fast format fundamentals.

The Internet has spoiled us in that we’ve become used to immediacy. People scan content for key pieces of information, and within a few clicks, their questions are answered and their problems potentially solved. That’s why it’s so important to take the streamlined approach with your FAQ page format – bolded questions, short(ish) answers – at the very least, break up paragraphs.

As for the templates themselves, it’s a matter of personal preference. Here’s a resource for you to peruse if you’re looking for a little design inspiration:


Come up with quality questions.

This is, of course, the most important step in your FAQ page creation quest. Do you already have a following between your website and social media? Then, it all could be as simple as reviewing previous comments and correspondence, and noticing trends about aspects of your business/portfolio/etc., that people were the most curious about.

If you’re just getting started with everything, though, approach this process from the perspective of your would-be audience. What would you ask yourself about your work? Then, flip back to your own perspective and answer as thoroughly and authentically as possible.

Should you find yourself coming up with a myriad of questions to answer, think about separating them into categories, or even something like a table of contents. With time, research, and ingenuity, you’ll build a FAQ page to be proud of.

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