What Are the Best iPhone Apps for Freelance Writers?

Of all the freelancing opportunities out there, writing is among the most popular (and competitive). It takes a serious amount of dedicated effort to not only find regular freelance writing work, but to also maintain the creative stamina necessary for success.

Thankfully, those all-important character traits of perseverance and resourcefulness can be helped along with technology. Read on to learn about a selection of iPhone apps that can help you be your best freelance writing self!

Note: for more app ideas, be sure to check out the Apple story, “Essential Tools for Writers: Organize Your Thoughts and Beat Writer’s Block”

Story Planner

Are you the sort of writer who has lots of ideas, but struggles with organizing those ideas into a flowing, engaging novel, short story, or screenplay? Then perhaps you’ll find Story Planner to your liking. True, this isn’t a free app, but the price (around $5.00 as of this writing) could be worth it just for the sake of lessening your stress levels.

This app will help you sort out your characters and their backstories, streamline locations and settings, and, through its outline format, bring that much-needed overall plot cohesion. You can create multiple projects and work amongst them with ease, exporting them in various formats like PDFs, .txt, or Final Draft). Also, while some apps are iffy at best when it comes to saving projects, Story Planner allows you to regularly backup your work through such means as email.

Brainsparker Creativity Cards

Perhaps you’re a writer who’s used to more informational or academic sorts of writing, yet wants to shift gears a bit and try your hand at fiction. Then again, maybe you just have a bit of writer’s block that you need to work through. If it’s the latter, I’ve written about such a dilemma in my post, “How Freelancers Can Avoid Writer’s Block.”

Regardless of what your writing background has been or is presently, if you’re in need of artistic illumination, the Brainsparker Creativity Cards app could be a winner. The price is, initially, free, with in-app purchase options to build upon that initial base of ideas with more specificity (in accordance with your niche).

Shuffle the virtual cards, and receive prompts – be they a word, question, quote, action, or image. What’s particularly intriguing about this app is that it transcends writing. It can work just as well for photography and video production motifs.

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