How Freelancers Can Come up with Regular Content for Their Blogs

A blog is meant to be your own little corner of the Internet. Perhaps your blog is meant to be a portfolio of sorts, an outlet for your creativity as you pursue various freelancing opportunities. Then again, you might look at blogging as more of a hobby, your very own place to ponder and facilitate discussions at the same time.

Whatever your blogging motivations are, there’s one constant – the hope of attracting an engaged audience. Unless you happen to be an influencer already via other platforms, posting on your blog only every so often just isn’t going to get you results. Regular updates are an important part of the road to blogging success – all you need are the ideas to fuel them.

Don’t fall into the inertia trap.

Some bloggers start strong, posting practically on a daily basis, and then fizzle before they’ve even reached a full year of blogging. Maybe it’s writer’s block, or maybe it’s a defeatist-no-one’s-reading-this-anyway attitude. Either way, it’s unfortunate that so many promising blogs end up practically abandoned throughout the Internet landscape until their hosting runs out.

What those bloggers lacked is patience. Yes, you need that regular content, but you can’t expect to start (or restart) a blog and have search engines immediately index your posts so people can find them. It takes at least a year before those pageviews start to increase.

So, before you do anything else, commit to the knowledge that what you regularly post might not be seen immediately, but it’ll be seen eventually, particularly if it’s evergreen content. With all of this in mind, let’s proceed to the actual achievement phase…

Find inspiration at any moment.

There’s something very pure about carrying around a small journal/notebook and a pen. A blank sheet of paper could, within seconds, hold immediate thoughts that lead to posts. Of course, this process can just as easily be replicated via the Notes function on a smartphone.

Whichever way you choose, be sure to visit places that inspire you – be they certain restaurants, museums, shops, etc. Take some time to relax in those surroundings and put yourself in a creator mode. Chances are you’ll walk away with at least a couple of ideas to expand upon. Speaking of which…

The smallest idea can yield big results.

One idea can become so much more than a standard all-text-and-maybe-some-pictures post. A short video, a work of art, a piece of music an infographic, a listicle – you get the idea (no pun intended) Your blog content can become about as varied as you’d like it to be.

Look to the landscape…

While real-life is generally considered the strongest source of created content, it only makes sense that the Internet landscape serves as a muse of sorts, too. Take, for example, Pinterest. The entire notion behind the platform is to share and develop ideas, so it only makes sense to spend some time searching within its wisdom-filled depths.

Possibilities from your perspective…

And finally, this is where the “what” gets its chance to shine. Take a moment to think about what your blog currently is, and what you want it to become. Pretend you’re a reader who’s just happened upon your blog for the first time – what would get you to subscribe, or at least make a return visit? Build the blog you’d like to read, but at the same time, anticipate what your audience might find interesting about your chosen niche.

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