Review: Does Viral Content Bee Generate Enough Buzz?

You could have the most wonderfully designed, content-rich blog ever, but all will be for naught if it doesn’t actually generate traffic. If it seems like those successful bloggers out there are running on autopilot, it’s because they’ve put in years (yes, years) of work to reach that point.

Indeed, attracting a genuine audience is an ongoing enigma for many bloggers. Although search engine algorithms might change with the slightest gust of Internet wind, social media promotion is here to stay. Viral Content Bee is a fun, meaningful way to get your blog posts the attention they deserve.

Basic building blocks of common sense…

When I first came across this platform, I bookmarked it as an “avenue to pursue in the future” sort of thing. I thought it’d take some time to read up on/implement their promotion method. Truth be told, I also hesitated because although its design is nostalgia-inducing (think early ‘00s), I wondered if it was actually for real. However, since it’s free to sign up, I finally decided to give it a chance – a truly worthwhile decision!

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Viral Content Bee is how it’s no-frills, yet still quite intuitive. It metaphorically takes you by the hand through each step of the signup and implementation process (which only took me a couple of minutes).

When I clicked on a link to make a possible purchase of some promotion credits (more on that shortly), a little while later I got an email from a customer service representative asking if I needed any additional help regarding that particular aspect. When I ran out of free credits, I got a little email tutorial on my possible next steps. I’m not usually a fan of getting follow-up emails from any particular platform, but I’ve appreciated these. Within only a couple of days, I was confidently entering into promotion mode.

All it takes to upload a project is the link to your blog post, the post’s title, a brief description (a sentence or two is enough) and a corresponding image. Then, choose three applicable categories/groups of interest, a screenshot of which I’m including here:

Viral Content Bee Project Categories

Next, set your credits budget, and how you want your content shared. Here, the primary accounts to choose from are Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Tumblr, Mix, and FlipBoard are also listed as options as I write this.

Finally, wait for the content to be approved by an administrator. In my experience, the process takes a day or so. If you want to make changes to your project somewhere down the line (like updating the categories) your project will have to be reapproved.

A truly multilayered hive of activity…

Another great thing about this platform is that not only can you promote your own content, you can also go about sharing and scheduling content from others to earn credits – it’s as engaging as you want it to be. This is particularly beneficial if you’re having trouble finding interesting things to share on your various social media accounts.

When you first sign up, you’re allotted a small number of free credits to use for your project budget. These will get you a couple of shares, depending on how many followers a given account has. This screenshot from their FAQ page provides more details regarding both sides of the credit allotment sharing process:

Viral Content Bee Credit Allotment Screenshot

If you’re serious about promoting your content on this platform in a shorter amount of time, you’ll need to pay for some credits. They have several payment plans to choose from, each with added features like courses and forums. However, they’re a little vague regarding subscription lengths. Are they monthly? Yearly? I’d like to think and hope that they’re the latter, considering that prices range from, as of this writing, $19.95 to $400.

There’s another, clearer option, which is to pay $20 for 200 credits. That’s the one I’ve chosen, and find it to be the most economical for my purposes. I put one or two posts up at a time, at a budget of 60 credits each. Once the first 10 credits of that is spent through people’s shares, I earn back one credit, and one credit for every 5 additional credits spent. After a couple of days, I spend 30 credits to put chosen posts back on the front page. $20 can go quite far on this platform!

Knowing where you’re going…

It’s one thing to share content, it’s quite another sometimes to actually know where it’s ending up. I find this platform to be exceptionally transparent, especially considering I haven’t paid for anything beyond that $20 for credits I mentioned earlier. Under the My Projects tab, there’s a little gear button to click on that shows who’s got the post queued, and under what social media account. The same goes for where the content has already been shared.

In fact, each time the post gets shared, I get an email notification with a direct link to my content on the person’s respective social media account. In the queued section on the platform itself, all I have to do is click on the little trash if I don’t like where my content is scheduled to be posted.

Finally, the big question: what sort of success have I had with Viral Content Bee? I’m happy to report that it’s only been a short time, and the two posts I’ve chosen to promote as projects so far have been well-shared. My traffic has subsequently increased, as has my number of blog followers. I’m grateful to have found this little gem!

Note, however, that nothing is for sure regarding how well a post is shared and if that converts into quality traffic. Time of day/day of the week/month, topic, richness of content…many factors contribute. If you keep persevering and adjusting credits as necessary (share content wisely and/or stick to a reasonable budget) you can’t help but achieve at least some results.

You can sign up for Viral Content Bee here.

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