Reasons to Become a Freelance Blogger

Successful freelancers know how important it is to regularly maintain their online presence. No matter the niche, assorted portfolio information needs to be presented creatively and consistently. Blogging is a resilient medium that can be adapted to any freelancing purposes.

Don’t fret over funds.

The great thing about blogging is that it’s for any budget. However, you do generally get what you do or don’t pay for. If you need to start out on a free blogging platform and aren’t picky about layouts and/or the presence of advertisements, then you’ll be OK. This is a route to take if you’re more interested in blogging as a general hobby or even as a basic networking tool.

If you’re “in it to win it,” and are mindful of the fact that prospective clients take more notice of official “.com” sorts of websites, then you’ll probably want to graduate to a paid blogging subscription. Even this doesn’t have to be egregiously expensive.

Shop around on various platforms to see what they offer, compare prices and features, and choose accordingly. This will allow you more flexibility not just in terms of layout, but also regarding advertisements and the ability to generate an income. Speaking of which…

There’s passive income potential.

Nothing in the online money-making world comes easily, or immediately, that’s just the truth. Yet, there’s no denying that blogs hold a great amount of promise for earning side income with minimal effort in the long term.

You’ll need two things to get the passive income party started: excellent, evergreen content, and a sizable blog audience. Then, you’ll need to strategically place advertisements on your blog. The sources of said advertisements will vary according to whether you want to do affiliate marketing, view-based advertising, etc.

  • As of this writing, Google AdSense and ShareASale are two options to consider if you’re just starting out with a small blog audience. The former requires a certain amount of content before approval, the latter has immediate options.
  • You could even take it a step further by creating content, such as courses, that earns you a commission for each downloaded purchase.

It enhances creativity and community.

Perhaps the best part about blogging is that your creativity can shine both in words and design (yay, a rhyme!). You could have absolutely no previous experience in web design and still manage to create a blog that’s representative of your aesthetic. Yes, you could check out the tutorials on your chosen blogging platform, but also take some time to play around with the tools and discover things yourself.

And finally, there’s the community aspect. No, blogging exchanges are generally not as immediate as the ones to be found on social media, and that’s a good thing! It cultivates patience and, it could be argued, more thoughtful discussions. Commenting mindfully on other people’s blogs should be more than just a tactic to gain traffic. Take some time to visit and comment on blogs that aren’t just within your same niche. Stop by ones that are centered around topics you genuinely like, too.

Slowly but surely, you can build a meaningful, varied network of sharing thoughts and ideas. After all, it’d certainly be cool to say, years from now, “I’ve had a wonderful freelancing career, and it all started with a blog.”

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