How to Become a Freelance Paranormal Investigator

One of the most interesting things about freelancing is, of course, that it opens the door to opportunities that are outside of the traditional workspace. People have the freedom to literally create the careers that they want to pursue, or even build hobbies that segue into careers. Whether you’re a serious student of the paranormal, or more of a skeptic with an interest in debunking data, becoming a freelance paranormal investigator isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Paths to take…

Investigating questions of that which is literally beyond the normal (assuming that there’s a standard definition of normal to begin with), generally takes two approaches:

  • A focus more on the spiritual side of things, helping entities move on and even doing space clearings.
  • The more scientific study of energy, be it presently sentient, or residual.
    • That, in turn, raises questions about other dimensions and if objects can hold energy from the past.

Then, there’s the question of whether freelance paranormal investigators should be compensated:

  • Some become paranormal investigators because not only do they have an interest in the topic, but also because they sincerely want to help people who feel threatened within their homes.
    • Although they might accept reimbursement for travel expenses, compensation beyond that could possibly be considered unethical to them.
  • Other paranormal investigators do aspire to earn at least a supplemental income from their work.
    • This is usually achieved through building a following via platforms such as YouTube. Once certain viewership levels are met, videos can be monetized (though actual amounts tend to significantly vary).
      • Or, they might create websites/blogs that, if designed well and filled with thoughtful, original content, could serve as a resource to their community and therefore generate an income through affiliate sales of investigatory equipment, sponsorships, etc.

Get a mentor and/or build a team…

Having identified your preferred approach to freelance paranormal investigating, in the interest of all-around safety it’s best not to just go out there on your own. Decide whether you’d like to learn from an individual or a team.

  • As individuals go, mentors can be found in unexpected ways – authors, metaphysical shops, even some professors through online courses, etc. Consider typing “online paranormal research courses” into your favorite search engine and going from there.
  • Search for paranormal research groups or societies in your area (or even elsewhere if you’re open to traveling), and evaluate their methods – do they resonate with what you’d like to learn and achieve?
    • Make a list of the groups you’re most interested in and contact them accordingly (two at a time or so). Ask for advice or more information on possibly how to join.
      • It then becomes a matter of networking, be it online or in person. Some groups prefer to stick to established members, while others might participate in events that open the door to membership.
    • Perhaps you’d prefer to start your own freelance paranormal investigating team as opposed to joining a group. Sometimes it’s as easy as asking people you already know, who in turn know other people. The best size for a team is around 5-10 people, rotating people in and out or splitting them into two smaller groups in accordance with the size of a location.
      • Whether it’s through group-building platforms or frequent attendance at events for the paranormal research community, the chances are good that you’ll meet like-minded individuals. Choose wisely amongst them.
        • Of course, since you don’t actually know these people beyond your shared interest in the paranormal, it’s best to arrange a series of meetings at public locations.
          • You might want to interview prospective team members and establish best practices so that when you’re ready to get to work, you’ll immediately be looked at with the appropriate level of professionalism.

Equipment considerations…

Results don’t have to depend on expensive paranormal research equipment, especially if you’re just starting out and have a (very) limited budget.

  • EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) can be captured via the recorder on your phone and processed through free software. Your phone’s camera can capture potentially paranormal images like orbs, too.

As you progress with investigations and develop more of a budget, it only makes sense that you’d want to add more tools.

  • The equipment you choose is a very personal decision – some are literally built to order.
    • You can opt for individual items, or entire kits.
    • Prices can vary widely, and versions get updated fairly regularly, just like other types of technological gear.
    • Keep in mind battery charging duration and access, because they can get drained quickly in paranormal circumstances.
    • Two of the more popular items for advanced or well-funded paranormal investigators are:
      • SLS cameras, which can detect spirit figures the human eye cannot.
      • The Ovilus, a device that converts energy into words = written EVPs.

Learn your location laws…

Abandoned places, historical places, cemeteries, public places in general – know what, when, and where you can conduct paranormal investigations without legal ramifications. Always get the OK first for your own protection.

  • Some places have ordinances that prohibit visiting cemeteries after dark.
  • Abandoned places can have structural damage that results in serious injuries as well as respiratory diseases and bacterial infections.

Try, if possible, to stick to private home investigations when you’re first starting out. This way, not only will you have had permission, but you’ll also hopefully have recommendations for when you possibly decide to investigate better-known areas.

No games, just pure intentions.

You must ground yourself in positivity and maintain boundaries to prevent energy and/or entities from staying with you beyond the investigation. As with equipment selection, the protection methods you choose are a very personal process. No matter what you do or don’t believe, it’s necessary to approach each and every investigation with genuine respect – do so, and you increase your chances of receiving substantive results.

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