Fabulous Freelancer Friday: Musings and Job Postings for the Week of 1/27/20-1/31/20

We meet with another Friday, freelancers! Check out these findings as we move into a (hopefully Fabulous) February!


  • I recently came across a phenomenal TEDx talk by Canadian actor, Greg Bryk (he gave quite a chilling performance in Frontier on Netflix, for example).
    • Although the topic is method acting, he shares wisdom that really resonates – after all, creativity is a huge part of the freelancing process, no matter the niche.
    • A few notable quotes:
      • “That box [coffin] is built for one. There would be no room for all the expectations of all the people that had looked at me in a certain way – that had ideas for my life. My life would fit in there. And I decided in that moment that I was going to live a life of risk, and heartbreak, and adventure, and glory, and failure, and it was going to be mine.”
      • “I was living a creative life, but I wasn’t creating my life.”
      • “Close your eyes, and open your imagination. Ask yourself, ‘who do I want to be?’…who is the person that would best serve that hero’s journey? And then, take active steps to become that person, because you have that power…and it would be the greatest tragedy of your life if you did not fill that box with the hero of the greatest adventure that you could imagine.”


Please do your own due diligence before officially applying to any and all job postings!

Here are some opportunities that, at the very least, look interesting in some capacity:

Until next time!

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