Traffic-Building Tips for Freelance Bloggers

What makes blogs such a favored platform in the freelancing world is their accessibility and versatility. Sometimes, they’re used as online portfolios. Other times, they’re a source of revenue. Or, perhaps freelancers simply want an outlet for creative expression, and the blogging format most appeals to them. Whatever the reason, blogs are meant to be seen, and there are several ways freelancers can attract more visitors.

Widget wonders…

There are a variety of different blogging platforms available, of which widgets are generally included. Widgets are somewhat like applications on phones; they can redirect to other websites, social media profiles, calendars, advertisements, even audio or video players.

Sometimes, the HTML code from a widget on a blogging platform can be transferred to other websites. So, for example, if a freelancer has an established .com static website with regular visitors, it might be possible to create a widget for their blog and place it on the homepage of that other website for promotional purposes.

SEO strategies…

Search Engine Optimization (hereafter referred to as SEO), can be particularly important when it comes to getting more blog traffic. With some keyword research, freelancers can identify topics within their niche that people are regularly searching for. Then, with concentrated, popular keyword phrases implemented strategically throughout any given post, their posts might gain rankings in search engines, thereby attracting more visitors.

Social media sharing…

Of course, one of the more immediate ways to get blog traffic is via social media, whether it’s directly linking to posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest.

  • Media freelancers, such as photographers, would probably benefit most from Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Freelance videographers would, logically, promote content through YouTube.
  • Freelance writers can utilize all of the above, depending on their blog’s topic.

If the blog’s interface so allows, freelancers should also implement either a social media sharing sidebar, or a header/footer to their posts for visitors to promote content through their own social media profiles.

Purposeful participation…

Some bloggers take the “see and be seen” route, liking the posts of fellow bloggers, leaving comments, and following blogs in similar niches. That’s all well and good initially, but in the long term, it needs to be meaningful – “Great post!” comments need not apply. Also, it can get to a point where too much time is spent on this category of promotion instead of the well-crafted content that search engines love.

Note: check out my review of a particularly promising platform that I’ve happily seen results from: “Does Viral Content Bee Generate Enough Buzz?”

Waiting it out…

When it comes to getting more traffic, there’s a lot to be said for that often-espoused-but-perpetually-difficult-to-maintain virtue, patience. Sure, freelancers who are just starting out with a blog might get disheartened when they see their viewer statistics in the lower numbers; it’s no reason to quit! With regular posts, mindful promotion, and informative/engaging content, freelancers can build a blog, and an audience, to be proud of.

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