Fabulous Freelancer Friday: Musings and Job Postings for the Week of 6/22/20-6/26/20

Hello, everyone! Friday’s here, which means it’s time to share this week’s discoveries…


  • Imagine being six years old and attending a new school – a familiar experience to many, but a heartbreaking-yet-character-building one for Ruby Bridges. I will readily admit to breaking down in tears over her story – first in how-could-people-be-so-ignorant-this-is-a-precious-child-sadness, then to happy tears of how she persevered and has accomplished so much goodness since.
    • In 1960, Ruby became the first African-American child to integrate into her elementary school in Louisiana. Children would not go near her, no teacher would teach her. Instead, Ruby spent the entire school year (with perfect attendance) alone, with Barbara Henry, a teacher brought in from Boston.
    • In the ’90s, she was reunited with Barbara Henry, and they gave several talks together.
    • Ruby has since dedicated her life to activism, promoting acceptance and education:


Please do your own due diligence before officially applying to any and all job postings!

Here are some opportunities that, at the very least, look interesting in some capacity:

Until next time!

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