How to Have a Spectacular Single Life as a Freelancer

Being single is a burden to some, a source of strength for others. Single freelancers, you have the freedom to shrug off the acceptable, and pursue the adventurous. Whether you’re single by choice or by circumstance, living your best freelancing life is all about embracing equal parts authenticity and productivity.

Do what you love.

Although it’s great to meet someone who has different interests that you can learn from, shared hobbies are an important base for any dating relationship. So, how do you go about meeting people with shared interests? Attend events that you’d be going to anyway! Concerts, book groups, museum tours, community events, trivia nights…the possibilities are endless, especially since so many opportunities have become virtual.

The thing about this is, however, that you obviously don’t want to look too available or just go up to someone you’re interested in and start talking – these are strangers, after all! So, how do you actually meet people at these sorts of events?

No matter what happens to be going on in the world, waiting in lines helps to start conversations. Also (and otherwise), asking legitimate questions during groups/tours/community events/ that sort of thing works, too. Be as genuine and self-assured as possible.

Be open to possibilities.

It can certainly be difficult, after relationships going awry and/or being single for a while, to wade back into the dating pool. Most people shy away from the idea of a blind date, but it might be something that’s worth considering, especially if you completely trust the judgement of the person who’s trying to set you up with someone in the first place. Remember, even if it doesn’t end up being a love connection, it might just end up being a great friendship.

Maintain a reasonable amount of caution.

Then, there’s the issue of whether to use online dating services versus just going out and meeting people “in real life.” There are, of course, pros and cons to both. If you’re a freelancer with a particularly tricky schedule, online dating and eventually meeting in person might seem the most convenient, and some people have met their match this way.

However, even the most reputable sites (by this, I mean the ones with paid subscriptions and background checks) still will have those who aren’t what they seem. The same can be said, too, of those you meet strictly in person (which should only ever be in well-populated, safe places), so proceed accordingly by maintaining a healthy amount of caution.

Realize that it’s a process.

The thing about dating (and, indeed, most things in life) is that you can’t rush things, or make things happen according to a set schedule. Some of the best things in life come in the form of surprises! Don’t jump into a relationship for the sake of not being alone. It’s not fair to you, and most assuredly not fair to the other person who might, in fact, really care about you.

It’s much, much better to develop your own character by yourself than to have your light dimmed in the wrong relationship. Be patient, go about your life, make an effort to keep more of a work-life balance, and the chances are good that love will come your way.

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