Fabulous Freelancer Friday: Musings and Job Postings for the Week of 7/27/20-7/31/20

Sending a warm welcome to each and every one of you, freelancers! I hope this Friday finds you on a productive path and enjoying good health! And now, for the discoveries…


  • Earlier this week, the luminous actress Olivia de Havilland passed away at the grand age of 104. Strong and sensible, she took on the studio system, along the way giving some of the most powerful film performances ever.
    • I highly recommend The Heiress. She was particularly flawless in that one. The emotional range she portrayed is astounding, and the ending is just mesmerizing.
    • Tim Gray’s Article for Variety, “Olivia de Havilland, Gone with the Wind Star, Dies at 104,” includes quite the quote from de Havilland herself:
      • “I feel not happy, not contented, but something else. Just grateful for having lived and having done so many things that I wanted to do and have also had so much meaning for other people.”
    • To learn more about her extraordinary career and life, be sure to watch the Academy of Achievement interview she gave in 2006:


Please do your own due diligence before officially applying to any and all job postings!

Here are some opportunities that, at the very least, look interesting in some capacity:

Until next time!

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