Blogger Burnout: What It Is, and How to Conquer It

If you maintain a blog that you either hope to monetize, or currently do rely on as a source of income, then you know how important it is to keep things current. Even though the right keywords still make a difference, search engines place a significant amount of importance on a blog’s age, and regular posts.

The thing is, with all the time that’s required to build and maintain a successful blog, it can be difficult to maintain momentum, resulting in blogger burnout. However, by taking a moderate approach and keeping several key things in perspective, the perils of blogger burnout can be conquered, or even prevented in the first place!

Overachievement overload…

Although it’s often better to do too much than not enough, there’s a time when it really does reach its limits for both the blogger and the audience. Consider, for a moment, the newsletters and other blogs that you might subscribe to. Unless it’s a “daily deal” sort of thing, would you want to get such constant notifications of new posts or whatnot? Probably not.

So, I would suggest saving yourself the stress and subsequent burnout by not posting each and every day, even if you’re just starting your blog. How much is enough, then? A maximum of three posts per week is good, in my opinion. However, it’s been my experience that search engines are fine with even one post per week – especially if the blog is established. What’s “established?” That depends – I’ve seen it be anywhere from around 6 months to 1+ years.

Frazzled by facts…

I think a lot of bloggers spend too much time researching things like “how to create the perfect social media post,” or “ways to design the best-looking pin.” Sure, those are important topics, but the Internet landscape is too changeable to really take that sort of information seriously. So, in this instance, avoid blogging burnout by keeping informed, but only in doses.

For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger who focuses on the latest trends in exercise, you might want to go to your favorite search engine’s news section to keep up-to-date, but only for, say, an hour per day, or even just certain days each week.

Missing motivation…

With so many people blogging about so many topics, it’s understandable if you start to experience blogger burnout because you can’t find anything new, or even interesting to write about. Perhaps you’ve spent countless hours scouring the Internet for even the tiniest bit of inspiration. Take some time to brainstorm what you’d want to learn about if you were a subscriber to your blog.

You might even want to put an all-call out to your subscribers asking for ideas, and write about the ones that seem most interesting to you – and no, that’s not being selfish! Really think about who you’ve been writing for. Sure, it’s your audience, but is it also for you? It needs to be both, otherwise, your blog will automatically become a source of annoyance.

Becoming balanced…

Your blog, even if it’s more for business than anything else, should be something you’re proud of, something you look forward to cultivating. Take that positive energy and hold onto it, particularly when it seems like your blog is becoming more of a chore to maintain. The “one step at a time” approach might seem too simple (or even too daunting if you’re not a patient person), yet it’s one that’s necessary for the sake of your blog, and more importantly, your wellbeing.

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