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All it takes is just the right amount of light, or a moment that evokes a sense of beauty and/or emotion to capture a frame or printworthy photo. Do you happen to see the photographic potential in many aspects of your daily life? Then freelance photography might be a path worth pursuing as a side earning outlet, or even a career!

Camera, or smartphone?

It depends on how serious you’d like to be about your freelance photography. If you’d really like to make a business out of this, a professional camera will, of course, be costly. If you plan on using Photoshop software, that’s potentially expensive, too – you can evaluate their pricing plans here.

Most of the current smartphones have excellent camera capabilities, and decent photo editing options. So, if you’re already using a smartphone anyway, that might be the better option for the time being if you’re just starting out and are on a budget – goodness knows that smartphones can be expensive enough on their own!

Windows users, if you’re looking for free photo editing resources, the Paint application that’s already part of the operating system is a good option. I also recommend IrfanView, which you can download here.

Exposure experience…

There are several different areas of freelance photography to consider. You could be an event photographer (weddings, etc.), journalism (newspapers, magazines, etc.), nature photographer – the list goes on. If the goal is to make freelance photography part of your career, then taking (affordable) photography classes at a local college, or even online, is an excellent way to network.

Or, if you want to expedite the process, there are a number of smartphone apps out there that pay people to take everyday photos. Only sign up for ones that have solid reviews and professional, user-friendly designs. Security should always be at the forefront of any such undertakings. For example, make sure you recognize the amount of camera access you’ll be allowing to said apps.

Learn those laws…

Whether your freelance photography is more of a hobby, or intended to be a source of income, it’s important you know what you can and cannot legally photograph. For more information on this topic, I suggest reading Anthony Falco’s Resource Magazine article, “5 Laws Anyone Working in Photography Should Know.”

Promotion preparation…

This process can be as simple as creating an Instagram or Pinterest account and starting to upload your photos as you see fit. With Instagram, hashtags are particularly helpful for building an audience. You might also want to share your work on platforms such as Unsplash.

As for additional ways to earn money through freelance photography, check out Adorama Learning Center’s article, “10 Ways to Make Money as a Photographer.”

Whatever your aspirations are as a freelance photographer, remember to take each step in the journey patiently and, of course, creatively!

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