The Exact Process for Finding the Best Online Jobs

Working from home has, for many, evolved from an aspiration into a necessity. As such, search engines are filled with online job opportunities. While at first this plethora of options might seem like a relief, stress can quickly set in as you begin to sort through them all. Here, you’ll learn how to streamline your online job search process by focusing on just a few reliable websites and newsletters.

Set your strategy…

If you spend all your time searching for jobs, you won’t have time to actually do any work, now will you? Help yourself (and your bank account) out by checking no more than twice per week, spaced out by a couple of days so you’re not just seeing the same entries on repeat.

Don’t worry about beating the competition by applying immediately, because the truth is, every legitimate job can have, well, a lot of interest no matter what or when. All you can (and should) do is calmly go through your resources, pick out what’s promising, and send in your resumé.

This all brings me to what are, perhaps, the most important points of this whole thing:

  • Never write a test article or provide topic ideas for free. Some “employers” create false job posts with these stipulations as an easy (read: lazy and despicable) way to generate content for their site. The applicants? Well, they just never get a response.
  • While it’s good to diversify, you might end up getting a lot of interest – more than you can possibly accommodate. Don’t send your resumé out to any more than a couple of jobs at a time, and even then, try to do so as a PDF for the sake of security.
    • Microsoft Word has a way of doing this: File > Export > Create PDF.
    • Keep track of everything for the sake of safeguarding your information. Create a spreadsheet of the jobs (by name, link, or both) that you’ve applied to by date.
      • 2 weeks or less is generally the standard for a response. After that, you could choose to follow up (once) or just move on.

Wonderful work websites…

As you research online job websites, you’ll probably find that many of them are a compilation of entries from places like Indeed. Still others allow people to post their own jobs for a fee, and even some of these can be questionable. Alas, the focus for many such websites is still ad revenue as opposed to genuine content. I highly suggest prioritizing these resources instead:

  • Real Ways to Earn Money Online: Probably my favorite work from home resource, ever. I can’t thank Anna, its creator, enough for her research and honesty. I’ve found my longest and most lucrative freelancing gigs here.
    • I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter; each week she sends out information on jobs, helpful articles often centered around specific home-based industries, and even courses.
  • Remotists: This weekly newsletter features an expansive list of jobs across a variety of disciplines – seemingly everything from copywriting to customer support, marketing to multimedia.
    • You can also save some search time by only subscribing to respective newsletters for certain job categories.
  • The Editorial Freelancers Association: High standards abound here. A whole new professionally curated networking world opens up to its members from the writing, editing, researching, indexing, proofreading, translating, and desktop publishing industries.
  • Mediabistro: This is a place where job seekers can apply to gigs (or even full-time work) with top media companies. It’s important to note that although remote opportunities are becoming more commonplace here, location-specific on-site jobs are still more prevalent.

Embrace an ever-changing environment…

Nothing stays the same in an online workforce as a matter of necessity; you either ride the wave, or get drenched. Ways to stay afloat include:

  • If you’re seeing that cover letters are often a requirement, create a basic one that you can tailor to each respective application process.
  • Not getting responses? Go back to the proverbial drawing board and see if you need to build your experience out more in some areas before you proceed.
  • Make sure you’ve presented your qualifications with clarity and confidence.

If you approach the overall job seeking experience with preparedness, perseverance, and an open mind, you’ll learn invaluable skills that can’t help but propel you toward success.

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