Review: Is PaidViewpoint a survey site you should sign up for?

Taking surveys is a favored method of accumulating some side earnings. I’ve personally been doing it for a number of years, and it’s fun to see how, with some diligence and the right survey company choices, it can really add up every few months or so.

Some sites have too many surveys, overwhelming anyone who attempts to take as many of them as possible. It’s also common to sign up with high expectations, only to screen out most of the time, or get a survey once every, like, year. PaidViewpoint sets a moderate pace of acceptable survey taking opportunities that can be cashed in sooner rather than later.

Getting started is (sort of) simple…

All it takes is an email address and password to sign up initially – no long profiles to fill out. Instead, after registering with the basic name, gender, username, and birthday questions, and confirming via an activation email per usual, you’ll most likely be directed to the first traits-based survey on your dashboard (which has good graphics, by the way). Oh, and you earn a little something (around $1.00) just for registering.

There’s no room for dubiousness here, though! The final step of account confirmation is to verify a phone number (text or voice message – carrier rates might apply) by inputting a code. You earn a few cents for this, too. Then, with a final click of a button, you’re ready to set sail on the PaidViewpoint survey seas.

Achieving trait score greatness…

If you plan on sticking with PaidViewpoint for any length of time, you’ll find yourself answering traits-based surveys regularly – like, almost daily. Questions about things like the industry you work in, your education, whether you own certain items, etc. might seem repetitive (and they are) but they’re a way of gauging your trustworthiness.

Now enters the trait score. If you provide consistently true answers, your trait score increases. This can take some time – your goal is to reach more than 9,000, with 10,000 being perfect. The higher the score, the more you have the potential of earning.

Don’t get too excited about this, though – I’ve achieved that perfect trait score, and some surveys are literally no more than $0.10. I dread to think how much that’d be for those with lower trait scores.

The principles…

PaidViewpoint states that it’s based on four principles.

These two, I’m OK with:

  • They pay cash (more specifically as of this writing, PayPal once you reach $15.00).
  • They safeguard privacy/don’t share identifiable survey taker info.

I’m kind of on the fence about their other two principles of:

  • Never screening people out once they’re invited to surveys.
    • Maybe not, but if you don’t immediately respond to their emailed survey invites, there’s often simply no survey to take since at said link because everyone else got there first within milliseconds, thus filling quotas.
  • Not ever giving boring surveys.
    • That’s a high standard to meet, and they’re not quite there yet in my opinion. While their surveys can feature questions about interesting products, it can get repetitive and overly long for not very much money at all. It’d be great if they sent more products to actually test at home rather than hypothetical scenarios.
      • It’s really hard to gauge the whole time/money ratio here. I’ve taken surveys that are more than a few minutes long, only to find out that I’ve earned less than $0.50. Then again, I’ve earned more than $1.00 for a survey that took, at most, two minutes.

The verdict varies…

With only so many time in the day, and dozens upon dozens of survey sites to choose from, it’s necessary to employ only the wisest of survey taking strategies. I suggest choosing between 5-10 survey sources to rotate through on a near-daily basis (I personally tend to skip weekends).

Yes, yes, that’s all well and good, but how long will it take to cash out? I’ve never put a whole lot of effort into taking each and every survey that might have been possible for me here. Yet, I’ve still earned close to $100 in just over a year of being a member.

I garnered my first $15.00 payment about two months after first joining – again, with minimal effort. You can choose to hold off on payment until it gets a bit higher, but I wouldn’t advise by much – around $20.00 would be a good amount.

Despite some little hiccups, I do recommend adding PaidViewpoint to your survey routine. Just think of what you diligent survey takers out there could achieve!

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