Freelancers, here’s how to improve your social media content…

Whether you’re new to or established in freelancing, you know that social media is the key that unlocks most of the doors to professional success. In a world of short attention spans and a need for immediacy, marketing in any way is an ever-changing endeavor. Optimal social media content has to catch the eye and the mind in a matter of seconds, often through humor, and always through relatability.

Know “which,” for “what.”

It might be tempting to get on every social media platform for the sake of getting (and keeping) your name out there, but that can be both exhausting and unnecessary. Generally:

  • Instagram and Pinterest are, of course, great for media freelancers such as photographers, as well as those in lifestyle and retail, with Instagram taking priority. Beware, though, for you must wisely use hashtags and descriptions wisely – spam filters that lead to possible account suspension abound.
  • Twitter is very much a place for writers, no matter their genre, though journalists particularly tend to thrive here.
  • Facebook isn’t as popular as it once was for marketing purposes, though the Groups feature still has some merit. There are those do launch paid ad campaigns, but that can be a costly path to take. For the sake of time, it doesn’t hurt to link an Instagram and Facebook business page together so that posting on one automatically shows up on the other.

The “what” matters more than the “how much.”

Constant posting isn’t a path to meaningful publicity. Instead, post twice a day at the most, or once every other day at the least, until you build a strong presence. Taking a thoughtful posting approach can increase likes, followers, and search engine rankings.

Consider the artful meme – a picture or a quote that perfectly encapsulates who you are – your freelancing brand, if you will. For example, tactfully and humorously posting about things (whether original musings or with attribution) that many freelancers deal with on a daily basis will increase sharing potential, because goodness knows everyone needs a bit of a laugh in the middle of a stressful workday.

  • An app like Quotes Creator (here on the App Store or here on Google Play) makes the creation process easier, and even fun.
  • Be sure to choose backgrounds and fonts that complement each other well (dark background, light font color, and vice versa) to make the content easy to read.

Branch out a bit beyond what might be expected to keep your audience curious and engaged. Learn how to produce short videos at interesting locations that are applicable to your niche. Once you’ve gotten a solid following, consider hosting live Q+As. When you approach social media content creation from a patient, optimistic, willing-to-learn perspective, the growth potential is endless.

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