How to Gain Immediate Attention as a New Freelance Blogger

Just like with most things in life, becoming a successful freelance blogger will generally depend on such pillars of character as inventiveness, perseverance, and maintaining an overall positive outlook. Those first few months of freelance blogging can be the most formative for your reputation, so it’s important that you establish authority as quickly as possible to draw in an audience.

Embrace and enhance your expertise…

Put yourself in the position of your envisioned audience. Would you want to read fluffy/meaningless content that was put upon a platform just for the sake of income? Nope. How about informative, entertaining content that happens to also generate revenue? Of course.

You absolutely must blog about topics that you enjoy – expertise comes secondary to passion, but needs to be cultivated swiftly, nevertheless. No blogger wants their well of ideas to run dry; a stagnant blog fades into the internet landscape’s background like a soft sunset.

Read extensively on what you plan to write about, and then brainstorm ways to branch off of that content and share new information. This, obviously, will take time and research, so if you’re looking to jumpstart a blog and get that advertising revenue going in a shorter amount of time, you’ll want to take an alternate approach, like outsourcing. Note, though, that in all things blogging, quality costs…

Find your finances…

Even if you choose to create all or much of the content yourself, the key in gaining an audience that respects and trusts your authority is to lend a professional polish to your presentation, so budget accordingly:

  • When choosing a blog domain, go for .com/.net./.org instead of something like
  • Make sure your blog’s layout isn’t cluttered by ads or insignificant sidebar content to capture leads. At the most, have one banner ad at the top, one at the bottom, and one on the side.
  • Your blog is only as successful as its search engine rankings. Never underestimate the importance of keyword research, and make sure said keywords naturally flow within the text.

If you’re short on money but long on ideas, hold off on starting your blog until you have enough saved to launch it properly. In the meantime, write evergreen posts and save them to a folder so that when it does come time to publish, you won’t be scrambling to produce regular content.

Ponder promotion options…

Once your blog is up and running, you’ll need to tell people about it. Relying on organic search engine leads alone can be a long and tedious process.

  • Create an email list or enable opt-in post notifications within the blog’s layout, while simultaneously encouraging friends and family to subscribe. Link to these chosen subscription methods within social media whenever possible.
  • If you have an established budget and are looking for talented contributions to your blog (ghostwritten or otherwise) advertise on reputable job websites for writers – in fact, consult a search engine with a similar phrase, and research the top results.
    • These advertisements serve a twofold purpose, in that you can hire and get the word out about your blog at the same time.

As you can see, joining the freelance blogging world and getting attention is really as immediate as you want it to be – purchase, post, promote. However, if you take the more moderated, thorough approach to content and design, you increase your chances of a more engaged audience, and better revenue. That way, both author and reader truly win.

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