Freelancers, here’s how to create the best social media images…

Successful freelancing is equal parts talent and optimal curation of your online presence. Although maintaining a .com still holds a certain indisputable gravitas, having strong social media accounts has really begun to take precedence, particularly for freelancers specializing in various media endeavors.

Remember, you can have a lot of followers, but how really and truly engaged are they? There’s no ignoring the fact that, thanks to Internet immediacy, audience attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and visuals are key. With a balance between relatability and stylization, social media images can attract a strong following of potential clients.

Filter favorably.

Chances are that, unless you’re a professional photographer, most, if not all of the images you’ll be sharing on social media are via a smartphone. After all, it’s so much easier to just upload to applications directly (and yes, immediately).

Never underestimate the power of a good filter, though, which can bring an added level of clarity or obscurity, brightening or shading that’s unparalleled for getting your message across. With just a click, you can make the ordinary seem almost otherworldly, and that’s the sort of creativity that social media scrollers take notice of.

Be diligent with dimensions.

Social media platforms have gotten better at resizing images automatically, but it’s still something to be aware of. Who likes to spend time getting an image just so, only to upload it and have ¾ of it out of frame? Such snafus are the stuff of missed messaging.

Perfect placement preparation.

Internet audiences are constantly being bombarded with information – flashy fonts, dazzling colors…you get the idea. How then, can you make sure that your social media images attract the attention they deserve? Harness the art of relatability and create an environment, a mood, an aesthetic.

For example, if you’re a freelance writer who’s discussing your work environment, a photo of your desk and computer just won’t do it. Add in several other items that enhance the scene and even inspire fellow writers, like a mug of tea with a charming quote, a cozy blanket draped across the back of your desk chair, plants in decorative pots, etc.

Mind your memes.

Think about what gets shared the most on social media platforms, and memes just might come to mind. Images with superimposed graphics and text that really sum up a situation in a humorous or motivational way are enduringly popular. The more original the meme (use stock photos sparingly), the greater your chances of developing a creative reputation that can unlock the door to new opportunities.

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