Freelancers, here are some passive income ideas for your website…

Social media, for all its immediacy, is a go-to place for many who are looking to build their brand or advertise their work – perhaps you’ve done the same. However, owning and creating your own website still holds a lot of value, both as a professional footprint and as a source of various passive income opportunities.

First, pause for preparation.

While it would indeed be most excellent to just jump right in, earning passive income immediately from whatever sort of website you have, no matter how finished it is, nothing worthwhile comes easily. You need an established website, meaning it’s, at the very least, a few months old and has a decent amount of content on it. Otherwise, search engines will skip right on by your website as they index new information.

If your write articles/blog posts/that sort of thing on your website, you might want to check its indexing status on Google Search Console, as well as other key metrics about how your website is performing across the internet landscape.

The faster your content is indexed, the better the chances of it surfacing on search engines to attract traffic. A consistently updated website with unique, engaging content anchors in an audience that is all the more primed to become customers for the opportunities you choose to present, which brings us to the next step in your website passive income journey…

Advertisements and affiliates abound.

So let’s say you’ve got a wonderful website and admirable audience amounts. Congratulations, you’ve completed 50% of the passive income puzzle. If you decide that the easiest way to start is by placing advertisements on your website, just don’t clog up your layout and annoy visitors with too many. Top, bottom, and/or a sidebar work just fine, rather than popups. In-text links, strategically placed every paragraph or so, is something else to think about, too.

Are you particularly business savvy and have a proven record of established regular visitors and pageviews? Consider reaching out to your professional network or to companies that sell products/services that directly correlate to your website topic, and rent them space on your website for a monthly fee.

Affiliate programs can be a bit trickier to earn from nowadays, since people tend to just purchase from the source, but that doesn’t have to stop you from implementing them on your website. Actually be passionate about the products you have an opportunity to promote, and make sure your only sign up with one or two trustworthy platforms (an example being ShareASale). You want to align yourself with standout opportunities that make your viewers look twice and click.

Finally, don’t forget to keep things set.

Advertisement codes can expire or become warped after various updates. Affiliate programs sometimes change their terms of service or ebb away altogether. Keep things fresh by checking your income streams weekly, setting time aside to analyze what’s working and what isn’t, and adapting accordingly to increase your chances of passive income success.

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