Successful Email Marketing Tactics for Freelancers

If, in your freelancing endeavors, you’ve established a great blog and/or website for your business, then the chances are more than good that you’d like to build on what you’ve already achieved by creating an email list. Customer surveys, promotions, enhanced communication…email lists are the pinnacle of self-marketing, but it takes a fair amount of effort to make them succeed.

Never question quality.

Of course, the ideal scenario would be to simply put up a subscription button or form and see those signups grow high and higher on the daily. Who are those signups, though? Without a CAPTCHA security step in place (and even with one, they’re getting savvy) bots abound.

Research your target audience and build relationships on reputable niche message boards, social media pages, etc. Don’t just jump into reader harvesting mode. Thoughtfully comment and answer questions over some weeks and months. Become a trusted voice of expertise, not just a sales funnel of words. Essentially, be the person whose email list you’d want to subscribe to.

Tip: Never forget that graphics can give your email content that little extra oomph. Canva, for example, has many free and paid templates to check out and customize to your preferences, and it’s easy enough to use with little experience.

Moderate your metrics.

Getting back to the base of your business, aka your blog or website, monitor data like clicks and conversion rates on at least a weekly basis. This way, you can see what elements are and aren’t working in terms of any landing or squeeze pages that you’ve implemented. Remember to not overdo it with these sorts of pages – no one likes constant popups, after all.

This whole process can get incredibly technical and confusing depending on your respective niche, so here are a few timeless resources to peruse for a bit of clarity:

Learn the laws.

If you live in the United States and do choose to create an email list newsletter, per the CAN-SPAM Act, you must include a physical mailing address. You’ll probably find that your business office location or a Post Office Box is preferable for the sake of privacy and safety.

If you don’t live in the United States but still use a popular email marketing service like Constant Contact or MailChimp, you’ll still have to abide by the CAN-SPAM Act:

Wherever you live in this world, know that there might be additional laws as to how email lists, etc. are regulated, so be sure to do any and all applicable research to make sure you’re entirely in compliance.

Incentive ideas…

The key is to offer free access to personally created content-people-should-really-be-paying-for, such as:

  • Printables (checklists, schedulers…those streamlined simplifiers).
  • eCourses (a mixture of articles and videos is optimal)
  • Webinars with a bonus resource offered at the end to all who subscribe within a certain amount of time.

Creating and maintaining an email marketing list is a process that needs to be met with perseverance, creativity, and, most importantly, honesty. When you market content to your audience that’s valuable to the mind and the wallet, the garden of possibilities that is your email list can’t help but flourish.

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