Freelancers, here’s how vision boards can help your career…

Time management and setting new goals are key facets of successful, long lasting freelancing careers. Maintaining a focused momentum can be a bit of a harrowing journey during any given daily, potentially distraction-filled workday. Sure, calendars and sticky notes are omnipresent, but vision boards can be the grand, goal-setting creative catalysts needed to take freelancing fabulousness to the next level.

Omit the overthinking.

Creating a vision board should be a very organic, stress-free process. It’s not so much how it looks as how the images you choose make you feel. Those feelings should then propel you to take action on your dreams.

The chances are more than good that you already have vision board-esque items in your chosen space. Inspirational framed prints, photos of happy travels, reminders of personal and professional accomplishments – you know where this is going, just keep things upbeat.

Step 1: find your focus.

Think about what you like most about your freelancing career thus far, then segue into what you hope to achieve next. Such thoughts do a vision board theme make. Have lots of ideas that lack overall cohesion? Brainstorm and then group similar ideas together, because nothing says you have to stop at just one vision board.

Step 2: peruse pictures.

Vision boards can be physical or virtual, just so long they’re easily accessible, a constant reminder of your hopes. Don’t rush through and select whatever seems easiest, make it a meditative, heart-led process. Sift through a cornucopia of newspapers, magazines, websites, or create brand new images.

If you see images, phrases, or words that really encompass what you want your vision board to represent, don’t get all analytical about how and where it will fit in. Just cut it out (literally, as well as figuratively) and place it in a box, bag, or folder for safekeeping until assembly.

Here are some image and word sources to consider:

Another fun method is to type some favorite words or phrases into a Microsoft Word document in a favorite font. You can also copy and paste images, as you find them, into that same document. It’s a great way to conserve printing space, and to save your progress in stages.

Step 3: select your art supplies.

A vision board is a deeply personal piece of art. Embellishments abound so as to enhance its message if you so choose. The board itself can be anything from a piece of cardboard, to a canvas. Glue sticks, decoupage elements, acrylic paint, stickers – the choices are endless. Just be sure to make appearance allowances for environmental aspects such as temperature changes and sunlight.

Step 4: piece placement.

All that search and preparing has come to this moment of putting everything together. Again, take your time with this by spreading all the items out on a clean floor or table, then placing and adhering them on the board where you feel they should be. Listening to relaxing music and maintaining a happy, hopeful frame of mind will make this creation time all the more special.

Step 5: being and believing.

A completed vision board is just the beginning. You need confidence, trust and perseverance as it works its ways. Take some time each day to look at your vision board, letting its positive vibes hug and illuminate your soul. Then, with an open frame of mind, continue about your routine and take note of the little signs that can serve as inspiration to take positive actions towards all that you wish to achieve.

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