Ways Freelance Authors Can Promote Their Books on Social Media

Whether it be independently or via mainstream means, writing and publishing a book is quite the creative feat that always deserves a hearty round of applause. Yet, still the work continues into the promotion phase, a necessary key to success that authors have pursued across the centuries.

Of course, now social media is the main way to quickly disperse information among audiences, both general and specialized. If you’re a freelance author just beginning the social media promotion journey for your book, read on for ideas that are sure to inspire…

Pause before paying professionals.

Time is a resource that there never seems to be enough of, personally or professionally. Hashtags, videos versus text…what makes an optimal social media post? There’s no one answer to that question within an ever-changing Internet landscape of audiences with seemingly miniscule attention spans.

Sure, there’s a whole lot of marketing “professionals” out there who promise to reveal all in exchange for ridiculous amounts of money (beware the subscription fee tactic). First name, last initial testimonials and lots of content without concrete case studies of success are also examples of walk-on-by scenarios.

So, when is it correct to pay for professional social media marketing? The safest route is by going mainstream and hiring a publicist. However, hiring a virtual assistant can be an affordable alternative if said individual has a glowingly verifiable portfolio.

After all the effort you’ve put into writing your book, it’s more than understandable that you’d want to expedite the promotion process. However, with money and your reputation on the line, it’s an absolute must that you take a moderate approach to get the best all-around experience.

Social media standards, simplified.

Let’s proceed under the assumption that you, and you alone will be doing the social media promotion for your book, which also happens to be self-published. Here are a few basic ways to get this process off to a promising start:

  • People tend to be the most active on social media in the late afternoon and/or evening, which generally makes it a good time to post.
  • Autoposting can do wonders for freeing up a schedule, but keep things fresh by manually posting outside of a structured timeframe, too. Goodness knows there are potential audiences across many different time zones.
  • Don’t create more than three (and even that’s pushing it) original posts on any one platform per day. Followers inundated with content often either just ignore, or leave altogether.
  • Aim for originality over repeating posts that didn’t get much interaction. Repetitiveness runs the risk of annoyed (un)followers.
  • You just might find that a thoughtful post about something relevant to your book’s genre, when paired with a link to purchase your own book, has more of an impact than the “buy now” approach.

Think on these tactics, too…

  • Be as relatable as possible while still maintaining that professional distance that gives an air of authority.
    • Similarly, be sure to keep your professional and personal social media accounts completely separate for the sake of privacy.
      • That being said, don’t hesitate to share your professional news on a personal account to your already-curated group of friends and followers.
    • When someone leaves a thoughtful comment on one of your posts, don’t just “like,” it – this is a great opportunity to show your appreciation with a sincere response.
    • Ask your audience questions, invite them into a conversation about your genre and future projects.
    • Create contests wherein those who review your book or share your content are entered into a drawing for a free signed copy of your book, or other swag directly corresponding with your book’s theme.
    • As of this writing, Instagram has taken precedence for book promotion, although Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn author/literature groups still have their merits.

If you think of the whole social media process as somewhat of a game, that can help keep you motivated to go above and beyond readership goals you’ve set for yourself. With perseverance and patience, you can cultivate a dedicated audience that will support your current and future literary endeavors.

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