How to Successfully Freelance in Your Retirement

Retirement is a time to make the most of a schedule-free existence. Perhaps you have travelling, catching up on hobbies, resting, and cherishing moments with those who matter most on the agenda. Yet, for those times where you need to chase the boredom away, why not pursue a career path that’s entirely designed on your own terms? Freelancing during retirement can signify the beginning of a new, more flexible way to continuing earning an income.

Freelance writing and editing options galore…

This is a niche that many retirees happily segue into from past careers because there’s such a broad range of opportunities, short or long, lighthearted or serious.

  • Is writing books in your freelancing game plan? TCK Publishing considers nonfiction and fiction submissions, and also offers publishing jobs.
  • If your background is in marketing, finance, or business, you have an advantage; companies regularly seek article writers for those topics on job boards such as ProBlogger.
  • Have more a creative background? Mediabistro has long been a reputable freelance job source.
  • To all you teachers and professors out there, becoming a freelance academic editor might be on your agenda. PaperCheck, LLC hires freelance editors in select U.S. cities.

If you’re a typist, try transcription…

This is a freelance niche that’s quite literally worth your while if you type with expedience and precision. Jobs range from requiring equipment such as headphones and a foot pedal, to just a laptop or a computer.

  • Focus Forward has quite a range of topics for its freelancers to work on, some examples being market research, legal, academic, corporate, and podcasts.
  • TranscribeMe has an excellent sense of community and the opportunity to, with demonstrated proficiency, join additional teams within their database.

Virtual assistants are very much valued…

Administrative professionals, this freelance job opportunity just might be for you. Virtual assisting has become an integral part of the overall freelance framework. Whether it’s phone work, website design, managing databases or scheduling appointments, this is a niche that never gets boring.

  • Fancy Hands is a well-known company with regular openings.
  • Time etc requires applicants be based in the United States and have at least 5 years of experience.

Activate your artistic abilities…

Gone are the days when a full-time job consumed most of your waking hours. There’s no time like the present to turn your daydreams into dollars by sharing your artistic gifts with the world.

  • Etsy is a go-to marketplace for all things handmade. Create a storefront, market yourself wisely, and build a community of followers all at the same time.
  • Obeo offers interesting, location-specific freelance real estate photography assignments.

The key to freelance success as a retiree involves equal parts diligence and open mindedness. Research each and every opportunity for its veracity, and never accept unreasonable pay. It’s never too late to jump into the freelancing pool. Embrace this journey with confidence and optimism and you can’t help but see increases in both funds and knowledge.

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