Fabulous Freelancer Find: Earn a little extra weekly with this excellent paid-to-search opportunity!

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to share a side earner opportunity that I will, in the future, fully review. For now, however, I’m calling it a “Fabulous Freelancer Find,” a new category of shorter informational posts that will appear on here occasionally with interesting things from the freelancing world, as well as lifestyle topics.

25Clicks has been around in various forms for several years, via Mike Munter’s Internet research company, and they’ve opened up (free) membership again. For $0.50 per very short task, distributed through either your choice of text or email, you search a term, click a website, and either respond with a link from another part of the site, or a sentence describing a page – couldn’t be faster, or easier!

It’s a legitimate way to earn several dollars per week. They pay the following week for previous week’s work, so once you get into the groove of tasks it equates to regular Friday payments via PayPal. You can sign up for 25Clicks here.

Thank you, as always, for your continued readership 🙂

Please note that all Fabulous Freelancer posts might contain affiliate links.

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