Review: Earn a Little Extra Doing Internet Research Microtasks for 25Clicks

Finding worthwhile microtask opportunities can be frustrating, to put it mildly. When it’s time to search for some “freelance fillers” in between other jobs, many of us flock to backup resources that center around this very topic. Yet, so often we’re met with surveys that take forever, data entry tasks that boggle the mind…you know the script.

Instead of playing into this toxic cycle of tasking for trifles, settle only for resources that provide ample microtask motivation. 25Clicks provides internet research microtasks that take minimal effort for respectable earnings.

First, a bit of history…

When I found this microtasking opportunity (run by Portland, Oregon-based Internet marketer Mike Munter) back in 2018, 25Clicks was known as PartTimeClicks. It involved a project manager emailing Excel sheets to selected participants with 100 search terms and their guidelines.

It was always important to confirm acceptance of the list, or the list would be passed on to someone else. Only up to 10 could be completed per day, and participants had until the end of the month to email back the completed list. At $0.20 per task, this equated to $20 per month.

In the beginning, it was about searching on Google for a selected term, finding a good website match, clicking on that website match and copy/pasting the address in one cell, then clicking on another link within that website and pasting this second address into the second cell. Things have since, thankfully, become far more streamlined, pay increase included.

Signing up is simple, but strict, so stay informed.

The microtasking environment has become ever more diligent in the quest to prevent multiple account registrations, and 25Clicks is no exception. In addition to providing a first name, PayPal email, and password, a United States mobile phone number is required, to which a verification text will be sent. No confirmation, no microtasks, and only one account is permitted per household.

Important side note: on the website itself, whether logged in or not, there’s a link that reads, “Make More Money Online.” This is basically a page of affiliate survey/microtask recommendation links that I disagree with from my own varied experience participating on all the websites discussed there. Basically, the ones listed as being fast and efficient are most certainly not, while the ones mentioned negatively are actually fast and reliable, so tread carefully.

Be patient with the process.

Once verifiably signed up, there are two ways to complete microtasks, either through email or text message. I’ve switched between the two, ultimately finding text message tasks to be easiest since I check those quicker than emails, and have an unlimited texting plan anyway.

Each microtask pays $0.50, and generally involves searching for a given phrase, finding the required website in search results (almost always on the first or second page), and clicking on a link within the necessary website to write one descriptive sentence about it and email or text it back. A variation might be to click on a required website, then navigate to a specific page within that website, copy/paste the address then email or text that information back. A confirmation email or text will be sent upon successful completion of each microtask.

It’s all quite straightforward for the most part, but while pay is commensurate with the time needed to complete each microtask (I estimate it being less than a minute), there’s a waiting game. Microtasks come at a rate of about 1 or 2 per day, and they often run out before the end of the month. At best, it’s about $5.00-$6.00 per week, at least, perhaps around $5.00 per month – and that’s if microtasks are completed as soon as they’re received. Participants are given 6 days to complete each task.

There have been little hiccups along the way in that a task might be sent, but I haven’t received it. It’s usually a matter of actually logging into the site and clicking on the green “Get Task” button so a new one gets sent. If work has run out for the month, it’ll be noted upon logging in. Daily reminder emails are sent out regarding updated pay status.

So, despite the slightly slow pace of things, 25Clicks is still something to add to the extra earnings rotation. Pay is reliable, but on a 5-day delay, with pay each Friday for the tasks that were completed through that previous Sunday (hence the gap of 5 days). It’s yet another reason to complete tasks quickly, so that there’s a reserve built up for receiving a little something on a weekly basis.

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